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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Perfect Gift for New Babies, Birthdays, Holidays and Photographers!

 One of our favorite things to do is put together custom gift boxes for baby showers, birthdays and holidays!  Photographers especially love getting these gifts too!  We've made it easy for all you gift givers and anyone who is new to Banner Boutique and wants to try a sampling of some of our very most popular products!
 We've also added a deep discount to each gift box- which makes gift giving that much easier!
 Choose your style/color of gift box and just let us know what you would like the custom card to say and you're done!  It's that easy!

 Your recipient will thank you for YEARS to come!!  We have had SO MANY compliments and feedback when people receive gift boxes like this!  So unique, hand made- an answer to the question of "what would the perfect gift be?"

To see the 2 gift box options click HERE for the Classic Banner Boutique Gift Box ($19.95) and HERE for the DELUXE Banner Boutique Gift Box ($55.00).

Happy gift giving!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{NEW} Strawberry Hair Accessories and another Fabulous TomKat Party!

A few weeks ago I had so much fun doing a photo shoot with my friend Jessica Downey of Jessica Downey Photo and Kim, owner of The TomKat studio.  I had a lot of new hair accessories I needed to have photographed and Kim had a couple DARLING new party printable collections as well as new party supplies she needed to get photographed...needless to say, we had a blast!
 I got to design some new accessories to go along with one of her new themes, strawberries!
 The TomKat team, of course, put together a gorgeous display using many of their new products!!
 For all the details, be sure to check out Kim's full post HERE
 And to see all of our new Strawberry products click HERE

 This would be a GREAT party for any summer birthday!
 I even tasted all the yumminess you see here in these pictures...and they tasted just a fabulous as they look!
Thank you again to Jessica and the TomKat team...we had a blast!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Snippets

 We are still playing catch up around here after being in San Diego for 10 days.  I miss blogging!  It was so great to have over a week straight of just me and my kids and my CA family!  It was wonderful to focus on them and their little personalities.  My husband's job requires long hours right now so it was good to escape to San Diego and take some time to enjoy our family out there as well as the fabulous weather and all the many things San Diego has to offer...here are a few snippets of the first couple days of our vacation...more to come in photo dump style soon...
 on the drive over Clo decided to dump a bottle of water on her head...no reason..just because- good ol Clo!
 the beautiful sunset on our drive out there...
 the kids love grandmas backyard full of cool weather, grass and a giant magnolia tree
 I'm always amazed how things just grow so abundantly out there!
 we couldn't resist our favorite little REAL doughnut shop!
  Clo making good use of EVERY toy at her cousins house
 enjoying doughnuts with cousins!
 I even snuck in a few model home tours...I love to get decorating ideas and snap pictures with my iPhone to remember them!

 We even braved Costco with all 7 kids!  I can't believe my sister and I have 7 kids between the two of us now!

 Clo stickin her feet in the Spa to warm up...bc it's not quite as hot out there as it is here in AZ!
 Bubble mustaches!
 My pretty girl Kaitlyn!
 the 2 two year olds working on potty training and offering each other support
the 2 two year olds eating ice cream in their jammies!

More photos to come as soon as I get a chance to upload more! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{Random Wrap Up} Palm Springs Photo Dump

The Spa we got to enjoy at La Quinta- my friend Ashely "posing" in this picture to add interest ;)

 Last week I said I would be back to finish posting our Palm Springs trip.  It looks like we are officially in summer mode around here because it took me until this week to post ;)  Things during the summer will be a little more sparse here on the blog now that the kids are home full time and we will be spending time with friends and family...I hope to check in fairly often though!

Now that it's been a full week since we got home from Palm Springs...it really feels like forever ago!  It was such a fun trip- perfect timing after a very busy school year!  Here are the last few photos...in "photo dump" style!
Our chairs with my beach bag for the summer find from Target- full of books and magazines to read- my favorite!

LOVED this restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

the breakfast quesadilla...divine!

even the toast was served in a darling little wooden box!

loved the syrup dispenser

My larger then life hat

bright pink pedicure for the summer

YUMMY restaurant we stumbled upon for dinner on Friday

the desert was divine as well- served in a homemade candy shell!

went to one of our BIL and SIL's favorite restaurant in Orange County Saturday night; Shabu Shabu! so fun!

made a pit stop at the outlets at Cabazon...dangerous!  Got this chevron print dress...

the husbands; from left to right: My BIL Brian, Mike (my friend Ashley's husband, my Mike)

taking a few toiletries for the road...something I've done since I was a kid!

My traveling buddies were heavy drinkers stopping at every single Circle K for Diet Coke's...we then headed down to Orange County for our last 2 days...

I of course couldn't get through the trip without being pulled over by the police...awesome...just put it on my tab! :(

made a pit stop at my SIL's darling community garden...loved seeing everybody's produce!

here she is watering her garden with my nephew...I would LOVE to have a garden like this!  Someday!!

here I am doing my hair for the last time, Sunday morning, before I return to my regular life of pony tails and leisure suits...not much time to curl my hair every day in my *real life*

made a stop here for breakfast before heading home...love this place

while we were eating breakfast, we noticed this cute dad behind us, wearing his wife's huge Kentucky derby hat in an effort to shade the little boy he was holding in his arms...how precious is he!

a close up of one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten...sugar crusted blueberry muffins...delish!!!

I'm not a huge fan of gooey consistencies...but our friends ordered a slice of their famous custard pizza...they said it also was amazing!

made a stop here at my husband's favorite place on Balboa island

also stopped in at Along came a Spider in Newport Beach...LOVE their clothes for kids- I snapped some pictures of a few of my favorites

picked up our favorite sugar cookies at Dad's (frozen banana place) to bring home to the kids...

and we were off...headed back to the desert!
I miss it already!  Such a fun little trip!  Now back to summer fun with the kids here in AZ!