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Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome to Banner Boutique!

We are thrilled you took a moment to stop by and see our newest creations! We offer everything you need when it comes to hair accessories for babies through "big girls!" We are hands down the BEST company specializing in boutique quality hair accessories.

*We offer a variety of headbands in a variety of styles (newborn through age 10)
*A HUGE selection of clippies (with no slip grip) and SNAP clippies for babies with the tiniest amount of hair
*Classic Boutique Hairbows in MANY different colors, sizes, and styles (on clippies and headbands)
*Gorgeous flowers with genuine Swarovski crystals of all shapes and sizes!
and... our pricing CANNOT be beat!!

We use the finest materials available and hand make each one right here in the USA!

Turn around time once an order is placed is usually 2 weeks, typically faster!

*NEW* Clippie Designs (scroll all the way down to the bottom to see all designs)

(Gorgeous Bolster Display pillows to display headbands)

Organza Headband (available in white, cream, black, pink, brown, yellow, purple)with or without crystals
large peony flower

large yellow (available in white, cream, lavender, pink, red, brick, fuchsia)
Small Double Flower Headband
Small and Medium Grosgrain Headbands (with and without crystals)

Medium grosgrain polka dot black and pink grosgrain headband with crystals (boutique bow style)
medium grosgrain polka dot clippie bows (pinwheel style)

large grosgrain bow (pinwheel style)

medium grosgrain hair bows (boutique style) -perfect for everyday use and school uniforms (available in a variety of colors)
medium bow with crystal

(every clippie comes on its own clippie card)

Large flower on think nylon headband

1 comment:

Kimberly Bonham said...

All of your headbands are soo cute!
How did you create the pillows that your headbands are displayed on??