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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Confession...

I have a confession. But first, a rationalization. I have been really, really, really good at not shopping since we moved to Arizona. I feel like whenever you move, everything old becomes new again. You rediscover old clothes, old home decor etc. etc. It's all fun and new again...for awhile. Then, the Holidays and other fun things come and wala, you find yourself at the mall spending more than you really need to. My biggest weakness, girl and now baby girl (again) clothing. I am in a pregnancy state that does not allow for a very fun clothing shopping experience for myself, but Kaitlyn- well that's a whole other story!! EVERYTHING fits her- and it's all the same size. No guessing "will this or won't this fit her"- it just fits- unlike my own personal struggle when it comes to finding a pair of pants that fits nowadays.
Anyway- so, back to my rationalization. I have been a very good girl for almost a year now.
Now for the confession: Lately, I have succumbed to the darling holiday clothes surrounding me. Especially when I have an arsenal of hair accessories to match every one (actually, not really, Kaitlyn gets all the rejects but we'll talk about that later).
So- I admit- I have spent my fair share these past few weeks in preparing for the Holidays, Christmas gifts, etc. etc. So- in an effort to subside my own spending and pass the baton to you wonderful ladies, I have put together some of my favorite holiday baby girl and big girl dresses that I have stumbled upon during my shopping excursions. Kaitlyn only needs one, and as much as I would like to buy her 10 right now, I am done. Most of you are probably way ahead of me on the whole "Holiday Dress Shopping thing"... however, if you are not quite ready (or maybe need another one;)), here are a few of my favorites. Click on the dresses to see them closer up- or go to the website- better yet. Most of these dresses are in the $30.00 to $40.00 range (some are definitely more)- pretty darn good if you ask me. I even stumbled upon a few $10.00 and $20.00 gems ;)
So ladies- please take this torch from me- and start shopping, maybe the urge will leave me and transfer to you??


aandpscott said...

Now you are going to get me in trouble! Thanks anyways for sharing! Of course I love the red one from Nordstroms that costs over $100.

Amanda said...

Is this the Lindsay that I knew over 8 years ago? It's Amanda (Bunderson) Peterson. Do you remember me? I think about you every now and then and wondered what the heck happened to you... How are you? Say hi when you have a minute. My email is amandapeterson15@yahoo.com Hope to hear from you!

Jessica said...

Serious, thank you so much for posting this! We are about to bless my baby, and she is older (8months) so we were looking for a 12 month dress. Everywhere has up to 3 month dresses, and then they like jump to 2T. We have found one or two, but they are stinking ugly! I went to cutieclothes.com and they have so many that are cute and would work!!! Thanks again!