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Thursday, November 19, 2009

A day in the life and a sneak peek of new products...

Looking for info about the giveaway?? Scroll down to the next post below this one ;)
Since I don't seem to have any time lately to do much creative blogging, I guess I will share the details of what life entails right now :)
*Trying to stay on top of the PURE CRAZINESS over at Etsy and Banner Boutique as a whole-I am overwhelmed with the way Banner Boutique continues to grow exponentially and the sweet referrals that people continue to send our way
*Trying to keep some kind of balance between work and home life- a major challenge for me lately. It seems as if one is under control, the other is not... I am looking for a magical way to make this more achievable
*Planning a Christmas party for our church congregation that consists of over 700 people in two weeks
*Preparing to leave town on Saturday with my hubby for a birthday/anniversary getaway (trying not to have a bad attitude about the timing of it;))
*Getting the house in order to host Thanksgiving and have family arrive in town the day after we get back
*Making plans for Christmas since we will be out of town and have to make Christmas portable
*And every other thing under the sun that us mothers are responsible for ;)
*Trying to enjoy and appreciate each and every minute of the ride!!
So- just a little glimpse into the Banner Home:
Carson received a birthday present in the mail last night... He doesn't receive much mail so this was very intriguing to him!
It's so cute how all kids get excited even when it's not their gift! Kaitlyn and neighbor kids who were over all gathered around to see what it could be- Carson felt so special!
He can't believe his eyes!! It really is true!!
A fire truck (aka hot truck), a trash truck, a dump truck and a school bus- all in one box!! His dreams have come true!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!
It's been one of those days today- a day where I really need to stay home to get on top of things- but a day that I could tell Carson really needed a little outing- so we had a little lunch out- just he and I
He has turned into a camera happy little boy- he used to want nothing to do with the camera- now he does silly things and then say "Take a picture momma!"
over and over... :)

I had to take a call while were in the parking lot so I let him have free reign throughout the car while I was on the call. 15 minutes into my call I thought, "Carson is being uncharacteristically quiet, wow, what a blessing!" After the call- I look in the very back and see him huddled in the corner doing one of his favorite things- putting on my makeup. My sister says I should be worried. This combined with a few other traits such as a love for the movie Hairspray and all the dancing in it- he has this thing that pulls him off the couch no matter how tired he is that makes him have to dance along to every song- I'm not too worried though- he is 500% boy in every other way- so let him play with my makeup and dance to Hairspray all he wants! :)

Today and yesterday I have been trying to list as many of our new items as possible and get them in the mail to a few of my favorite photographers to get them photographed on their adorable little models! (I know, that was a run on sentence- no time for grammar)
Here is a sneak peek at some of them... (some are finally listed in the store, some will be listed soon :))

Anyway- I'm off to hurry and finish up my work before Carson wakes up!! I try to do my work when the kids are either in bed, napping or at school :) Oh! and I almost forgot- I told my husband I would help him with his homework too!! It looks like the to-do list may not get done again today ;) That's ok though- my lunch with Carson was worth missing a few of those to-dos! :) -especially seeing that cute face with makeup!!

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Mandy and Chris said...

I love these! I live in Draper and would love to see the flowers in person! Please let me know if that is possible:)