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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


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I have been reading this gorgeous book for the last little while. One of the author's is a dear friend of Kaitlyn's (my daughter) kindergarten teacher. Kaitlyn's teacher taught 3 of her 5 children in school. I am about half way through it and have loved every word.
The author, Shawni, has a daughter named Lucy. Lucy has an extremely rare disease that among many other things, will cause her to go blind in the near future. They are doing all they can to raise money to pay for research on this very devastating disease.
Shawni (co-author), along with her mother (co-author), are giving all of the proceeds of this book to raise money to help find a cure for her daughters disease. Even if this were not the case, I would encourage you to pick up the book for yourself and for a gift to any mother. Not only is the content of the book rich and enlightening for mothers, Shawni's photography is beautiful in the book as well. It is a book that will truly be a treasured gift to anyone who receives it.
Please click here to learn more about Lucy and what Linda (grandmother to Lucy) and Shawni (mother to Lucy) have to say.

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