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Thursday, December 17, 2009


These last few days have been a blur!!! We had to meet the deadline today for all Christmas shipments... and let's just say, I am so glad we survived!!! :) Thank you to all the many people who placed their orders! I wish I could say "I'm going to Disneyland!"- but no, I get to pay for my baby boy's dental bill!! YAY! :) It really was a blessing to be so busy these past couple months as we have had lots of extra things to pay for ;) Etsy has been a huge blessing in our life lately and we owe it to amazing customers and their sweet referrals! Thank you, thank you!!

So- thought I'd do a little "let's check in and fill in post!" We've had a busy fun last few weeks. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house- which was wonderful. Mike's side of the family came and I go to sleep in my own bed- you ladies know how important that is as you near the end of being prego ;) We had a great time enjoying each other's company! My kids both adore all of our extended family- we enjoyed cooking together, playing together, shopping together and everything else under the sunny AZ weather!

Here the kids are making our traditional turkeys with Mike's mom- grandma Marilyn ;)

the finished products
one of our favorite past times lately- jumping on the tramp!

Right before everyone arrived for Thanksgiving , Mike and I snuck up to Park City for a few days to celebrate our anniversary.
Here Mike catching me at one of my many "favorite places to eat stops."

I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE that all of the pictures turned out like this and you can't really see my face- it's a little perk when you're almost 8 months preggers...

See what I mean- NICE!!
My handsome husband getting ready to throw a snowball :)
Anyway- lots to do, LOTS to do!!
I hope to be back here soon and do a little giveaway or something?? :)
I wish you all the best!!- I know these are some hectic days that a lot of you are gearing up for... I pray the "Reason for the Season" can remind us all of why we do what we do!

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