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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking...

a sample of one of the kits at www.ShabbyMissJennDesigns.com

a sample of some of the digital paper
one of the pre-made digtal album kits

I've had a lot of people ask me about digital scrapbooking, in fact a sweet girl tonight who reads this blog just did... I thought I would share with all of you what I wanted to share with her. She asked about digital scrapbooking and what program I use. (If you visit my personal blog you can see some of my digital scrapbooking- many posts back ;))

I used to be a traditional scrapbooker- long time ago- back when I had no kids (or 1 kid) and a lot more time!! I have since completely converted to digital (which recently I haven't even had too much time for this either but you know... someday I'll get back into that too). Anyway- as soon as I was introduced to digital scrapbooking I gave all of my (thousands of dollars worth- don't tell Mike) of regular scrapbooking stuff to the kids ;) I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that there is 1.) NO MESS, 2.) It's WAAAAAAAAY Cheaper and 3.) You can print as many pages of each page you do for pennies on the dollar at places like Costco!! SOLD SOLD AND SOLD!!

For those of you who think "I'm not computer savvy enough to do that etc."... take it from me- I am NOT, I repeat NOT computer savvy- and I can do it!! If I can- anyone truly can.

So- all you really need is a program that supports layers- something like Photoshop Elements- not the full blown Photoshop even- you can get it at Costco for like $70.00, and friend who does digital scrapbooking to sit down with you for seriously 15 minutes and the rest is cake. There are tons of online tutorials and classes at your local scrapbooking shop... It's so fun to buy from digital shops because you can use the images again and again and again- forever and ever!! It really comes in handy when you need a Christmas card, a handout, a cute card- you can design all kinds of things when you use images/scrapbook packs bought from cute stores like the one you see above: www.ShabbyMissJennDesigns.com Buy from great vendors and you can seriously be a complete moron (like me) and look like a genius- I promise!! It's addicting though- so watch out ;)

Anyway- thought I would share my long winded answer with all of you... ;)

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