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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

There are a few things that seem to help me get through the first few weeks of having a newborn baby. With Chloe being baby number three, I finally feel like I somewhat have a feel for what I'm doing ;) I think we all kind of stumble through our first child and just surviving is a major accomplishment! Finally, with my third, I feel like I was more prepared- mostly prepared for what to expect!

Here are few things that have helped me immensely!

#1.) The first- pictured up above- swaddling blankets! I know there are those few babies that do not like to be swaddled- but I think most LOVE to be swaddled- all three of mine sleep so much better when they are swaddled! I love the blankets by swaddle designs- they even have swaddling instructions sewn right into the blanket!

(picture courtesy of the inspired room)

#2.) A comfortable bathroom and bathtub! With my hormones trying to regulate themselves and the cold rainy weather outside lately, a nice warm bath has gotten me through the day! I have LOVED this derma bond stuff my doctor used to seal my incision instead of staples or stitches (sorry to make some of you cringe!). Since my doc used derma bond I am allowed to use the bathtub and not only shower- LOVE this!!

# 3.) And to go with my warm baths, SOFT towels! This is a MUST right now as my body recovers- it's the little things in life right now that make a BIG difference!

#4.) Super soft organic cotton layettes for baby Chloe! You're always so anxious to dress up your newest little one in all the fun clothes you have waiting in their closets..but for the first few months- all mommies realize that baby only wants to be dressed in comfy clothes! These yummy clothes from This Little Piggy are the perfect fit! They are all made with 100% organic cotton and could not be cuter! Baby Chloe has spent her first weeks of life in these!

#5.) Metro Mamma Baby Carrier!! I purchased mine when Carson was about 5 months old- I WISH I had had this for both of my first 2 children from the very beginning!! I have had other baby carriers and was not impressed- mostly because many of them put all the weight on your shoulders and your shoulders are dying from pain and torment within a few minutes! These wraps allow you to carry baby in a variety of ways and most importantly distribute the weight throughout your back- not just your shoulders. They are not the cheapest- but to me are WELL worth the cost- and they hold up VERY well to wear and tear. They also kind of act like a shirt for mom and there is no need to take the wrap on and off- and it kind of *sucks you in* in all the right places ;)

see- they even have styles that men can wear! AND- if you get a *bling* style- you can turn it inside out so that the bling doesn't show too- especially if you're man wants to wear it ;)

#6.) Pampers SWADDLERS!- these are a MUST! I am all about getting cheap diapers for older kids- but I don't like to skimp when it comes to my newborn. The cheap diapers are way to rough on her little bum- these are GREAT at being soft on her little bum and holding everything in without leaking ;)

#7.) To make my LONG nursing sessions as enjoyable as possible... I am loving my DVR. Mike always teases me that I record all this stuff on the DVR and then never watch it. I can officially say I am now getting my moneys worth for sure! :)
#8.) A nursing Moms BEST friend! As much as I loved the hospital where I delivered, there was NO help in the nursing department. Luckily I had been there done that- but I thought about all of the other mommies who were maybe doing this whole nursing thing for the first time! What if no one told them about all the ins and outs of nursing!?- because it is an ordeal- a major commitment! All I can say to new moms who might be nursing for the first time... read up on it of even higher a lactation consultant! A good nursing experience can make all the difference in the world!
#9). Also making my nursing experience 10 times better- my beloved Boppy!! I have had it since Kaitlyn and don't know what mothers did without it!

#10.) Once of my favorite things to DVR- the Food Network- Particularly Giada at Home and Barefoot Contessa!

I hope to be back here soon posting some new pictures that one of my favorite photographers sent of new products for BB ;) I'm not moving quite as fast as I used to... ;)

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Tara Boulter said...

The one thing I cannot live without for a newborn or children of all ages is a quick shooting camera to capture every precious moment. I love my digital Canon Rebel camera. It is super easy to use and the shutter speed is so fast that I am able to catch every cute little expression on my daughters face. Congrats on Chloe, she is beautiful.