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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Wow, wowie wow wow wow!
This week has left me with no words to describe it. It has been quite the challenging week! It started off really well...but unfortunately went downhill from there :(
I will try to put it all in a nutshell...
busily prepared to have family arrive from CA and Oklahoma. Everyone arrived. SOOO excited. Woke up next morning- feeling sick but didn't want to succumb so pretended I wasn't sick. Couldn't pretend by 10 am- it was true, I was on my death bed. Went to bed all day and night and day even though beloved family was in town visiting. Felt better Tuesday- thought it was over. NOPE- SUPER sick Wed. Went to the doc. got meds- went back to bed. FINALLY felt better Thurs. Thursday my sister gets super sick- a different kind of sick- but really sick too. Keep in mind- we hardly ever get to spend time together anymore now that we live half a country apart. We are both so devastated that our one week together we are both struggling big time :( After all this- we had to turn the shop off to be able to keep on top of orders and not lose our minds :( Fist time this has ever happened for us... but we will be back..eventually ;)
ANYWAY, without further adieu (did I spell it right?), the lovely, amazingly talented Jessica Downey of Sierra Studios right here in the AZ took some darling pictures of my sweetheart Chloe. I have been dying to share these but too busy dying to first get better ;)
Jessica was so kind to come to my house and spend almost 5 hours with us...patiently waiting literally for hours for Chloe to either fall asleep or settle down enough to take her pictures. She could not have been more patient!! We found out a few things during this session. 1.) Chloe is not cut out for the model life and 2.) Lindsay has a MUCH bigger appreciation for newborn photographers!!! Those cute little newborn pictures we all love so much took WAY more effort than they make it look like it took!!
Needless to say, I am thrilled with the results!!!
Thank you thank you thank you Jessica!!!!
to see more of Jessica's work you can visit her at http://www.sierrastudiosphotography.com/

thanks again Jessica!!!! XOXOXOXO


Jessica said...

It was so fun to meet you and your little one! She's so precious!

Chelsea said...

The pictures of your daughter are SO precious. There are a few headbands I am dying over. Ones I have not seen in your shop - will these be available when your shop comes back online, because I cannot wait to get my hands on them!! Hope you are back soon.

Ravenhill said...

Congratulations, Chloe is so beautiful! She looks to be the perfect model to me, what a little sweetie! I Especially love the photos of the girls together with their lovely flowers!

You make such lovely things...
Happy days with your new little bundle of joy!

Ms Moore said...

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