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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NEW ITEMS to look for in the shop...it's been a long day...

Here we are again- another night, another blog post with no time to write!! These days do truly FLY by!! Baby number three for sure has caused time to reach speeds I have never felt before! My husband is out of town for work, my little Carson is super sick, I spent most of the day driving around in the car just so he could watch a movie and be happy (seems to be his happiest place lately) (PS- why don't they have better drive through restaurants- I HATE fast food- would it really be that hard to drive through and pick up SUSHI? and why don't they have drive through grocery store, drive through mall, drive through dry cleaners- basically drive through everything!!!), Clo girl finally seems to be getting a tad bit better at not being fussy 24 hours a day ;), my house is a wreck, I have to take Carson in to get chest x rays tomorrow, I have an inbox of literally 100+ emails that still need to be responded to, I could go on- I'll spare you- but life tuly is good! I wouldn't have it any other way!!
I haven't had a chance to list all of these new items yet- but many people have asked if I could at least post pictures of some of them- so here they are ;) Let me know if you have questiosn about certain ones or need me to list a certain one if you don't see it in the shop yet via the contact seller button in Etsy ;)
I have so many things I want to talk about... a few announcements, a few surprises...ahhh!! I need more time- I would pay big money for time!! Hopefully soon...within the next few days...???
For now, have a wonderful day, evening or morning depending on where you are in the world!!
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Katie and Luke said...

Sister Friend---I am loving these new creations. You know I need to add more to Petunia's collection. You have any headbands/flowers in navy or dark blue?!
Love the update...and I would happily pay for a few more hours each day...along with some energy!

stace said...

holy cuteness. I will take one of each, please?!?!