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Monday, April 19, 2010

a perfect little journal...

Back when I was a mother of 1, I took literally thousands of pictures of my little one ALL the time with my nicest camera. Now that I am a mommy to 3, I find myself being to tired to lug around the HUGE camera (which I still don't even know how to use that well) and I end up taking most of my pictures using my Blackberry ;) I have come to the realization that although I would LOVE for my blog to feature numerous gorgeous photographs of my cute kids and *fabulous (often times not so fabulous)* life using my nicest camera and nice photoshop capabilities, it just isn't going to happen, not right now anyway ;)
So- as I was flipping through my pictures that I've taken this past week on my Blackberry, I realized some of the best pictures I have to document our crazy life are all on my blackberry- and the best part about it- they take 2 seconds to upload instead of minutes upon minutes!!! This will allow me to share so much more on this little blog about the daily happenings in the Banner household!! So here are the first set of what I hope will be many sets of "The Banner Family's happenings" through the eyes of a Blackberry!!""
On Easter we went on a family walk- something that is starting to become habit for us on Sundays- especially while the weather is so nice! Mike asked me if I was sad that we had no family to spend Easter with- my response was of course YES!! I am used to living close to a lot of family and it makes me very sad to not be by them, but it also makes me realize I am still happy no matter where I live if I have Mike, Kaitlyn, Carson and Chloe by my side :)

my little Clo girl!! I am LOVING this baby of mine!! I can't get enough of her- I can't believe she is mine ;) This headband has a special little story...this headband was made using a flower that we ran out of literally years ago. I LOVED it and held one back for myself on the happen chance that I would have another little baby girl someday- and I did!! Glad I saved one ;)

Mike often emails me periodically throughout the day saying "how's it going." I think he does this 1.) because he honestly cares about me and 2.) because he wants to get a pulse on the *situation* at home and prepare himself for what he might be walking into when he gets home ;) I often respond with either a picture of a happy baby- or a not so happy baby ;) This day my baby was not so happy ;)

Here is another example of one of my replies to Mike's email ;) Chloe has a min of 1 blowout a day- not matter what diapers, no matter how often I change her ;) Poor girl is the gassiest baby I have ever met :)

Here is my dear friend Maryam holding my baby Chloe- several of my favorite friends from San Clemente came to visit with their kids- it was pure CRAZy but SOOOO fun!! I miss them dearly!!
My sweet baby Clo worn out after church- I LOVE her cardigan- Target $3.00
I love to look through catalogs and dream about a house that will one day be mine- clutter and mess free... for now, I am enjoying my babies who are the best mess makers there are!!

Here is my someday backyard ;)

Sometimes Chloe and Carson just need to get out of the house- They both seem to do much better on certain days when we just pick up and get out...this day we went to a store...Chloe fell asleep and so Carson and I hung out in the book and magazine section. Carson enjoyed various titles such as *Thomas and Friends* etc. while I enjoyed several magazines. One of them was Real Simple. I read that the editor of real simple is coming out with a book called *Just Let Me Lie Down*- sounds like my kinda book! I took a picture so I wouldn't forget what it was called.

This is Carson. This is Carson in his new time out spot (got tired of taking him all the way up to his room). Carson spends a lot of time here some days- that's why he looks so comfortable. Maybe I'm making it too comfortable?

Baby Clo- LOOOVVVE this girl!

Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn's friend and Chloe and I stopped at one of my favorite little restaurants on the way to dance class. Nothing sounded good at the house I I needed something *homemade*- this place hit the spot- thanks Joe!!

We have been taking a lackadaisical approach to potty training Carson. I am too lazy to hit it hard and so I just kind of have let Carson lead the way. He saw this trash truck at the store a few weeks ago so I told him if he goes pee pee on the potty we could get it. He did- 3 times so I got it for him. Now he doesn't seem super interested in it anymore- I think I'm the sucker that he played for a fool- he got what he wanted and now he's over it ;)

Carson LOVEs to help me cook- this is us making pancakes one morning- he loves to have me make him a mickey mouse pancake :)

So...I will try and make this story short. We got Kaitlyn a bike about a year ago. Almost right immediately, the chain fell off. Mike has been bugging me to get her a new bike- I told him I didn't think she really cared. I show up to Kaitlyn's class to help and there I see it- a class project where they write their three wishes. Her first wish is that she could get a new bike because her purple bike's chain fell off. I felt so bad! I sent this picture to Mike. They are at the store as we speak buying a new bike. I guess I should listen to Mike more often.

Sweet Baby Clo- again- can't get enough!
So there you have it...the week through the eyes of the Blackberry! I am recommitting to blogging more!! I have so much to say- just no time to say it- but now I might be able to with my Blackberry sidekick ;)


somethingfromsherry said...

You made my day cute Linds. So enjoyed every pirc of those precious little ones and all your comments

Mrs. Ruiz said...

Wow - not only are your children beautiful..but wow are they smart! Who taught that little girl to write so well already! She must have a fabulous teacher! Hee hee!