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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Sunday!

As life seems to get more and more chaotic and busy, I find myself desperately trying to plan and organize more. I am learning that the more people and responsibilities the more the necessity for planning!! One of the things I am trying to plan better is menu planning. I've got several challenges when it comes to menu planning. 1.) Will Mike be home for dinner or not? -for the most part, Mike is always home for dinner, however, due to a promotion he just got (congrats Mike!!) he will be traveling for 2-3 days per week over the next 6 weeks (I am hoping to accompany him on 1 or two of these trips). So- 2.) the other thing to consider- Will Mike eat it? Notice, I didn't say, "Will the kids eat it," -no, my challenge is will Mike eat it? My kids will eat most anything- and although Mike SAYS he will eat whatever I prepare, I can definitely tell when Mike likes something and when he does not. He resorts to such tactics as spreading the food around on his plate to make it look like he ate more than he did- nice. So- if I take the time to plan in advance, I can usually come up with menu plans that not only ensure that we eat healthy food but that we are all happy with what is served ;)
Like I mentioned before, I am a FoodNetork addict- especially now that I am a nursing mom again. Here are a couple recipes I picked up from Giada this week that I can't wait to try- click on the pictures to get the recipes ;)
Thanks Giada ;)
this is a mini pineapple upside down cake- YUM
and here are a few random pictures from the last couple days...

I am LOVING this new raw silk line we have listed in the shop!! Here are a few pieces I sent to some lucky customers this week!! I hope they send me pictures so that I can see how they look ;) (hint hint ;))

a new pink rose from the Amor de ma vie line :)
this is what happens when you leave your baby's headband on when they fall asleep :( Do not try this at home
Here are more pictures of my sweet Clo Baby
did I mention I LOVE her?
did I mention I cannot get enough of her?
did I mention I love to nibble on her...?
I am LOVING watching this girl grow before my eyes!
Thank you for sleeping all through church so I could listen today Chloe- I LOVE you!!
Oh- one last thing- I LOVED this post here- check it out!!! I SOOOOOO agree with everything she said!!

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heather said...

I love the red headband and turquoise flower. Any idea when you will have it in your shop?