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Friday, October 1, 2010

Celebration Time!!...FREE Gifts with Purchase!!

SALE ENDS SUNDAY, Oct 17th at midnight PST :)
PLEASE be sure to read ALL PROMO information before making a purchase!!
We're celebrating A LOT of things around here!! We're celebrating the fact that we are getting our turn around times back down to 5 business days or so (although we say 5-10 just to be safe bc you never know how busy a week is going to be;);)), we're celebrating my daughter Kaitlyn's birthday, my husband Mike's birthday, my birthday soon, we're celebrating the fact that we continue to get more and more talented ladies to help us in the production department as Banner Boutique seems to get more and more busy, we're celebrating lots of things!
So...who doesn't like a FREE gift- or GiftS with purchase?? We want to say thank you thank you to our many loyal customers!! To say thank you, here is what you will be receiving with your purchase:
*Spend ANY amount of $ and get a surprise FREE gift with your purchase
*Spend $30.00 or more and receive FREE items worth a total of $15.00 or more with your purchase
*Spend $60.00 or more and receive FREE items worth a total of $30.00 or more
*Spend $100.00 or more and receive FREE items Worth $45.00 or more!!
*Spend more than $100.00 and who knows what we'll throw in- it will be AMAZING for sure!!
*Qualifying amounts do not include shipping and handling
**BE SURE to include promo code *OCTPROMO* in the notes to seller on your ETSY not Paypal receipt :)
*FREE items will be chosen by us- you will NOT be dissappointed- all items are AMAZING- who doesn't LOVE FREE gifts!! And with the holidays coming- we've got all kinds of gorgeous fun up our sleeves!!
**This promo will only last as long as we can handle it ;) When our production times are getting up to 10 days again we might have to lay off the promo ;)
We truly thank each and everyone one of our customers for your referals and support! We LOVE making these creations for you!!
just for fun...I've included a few new pictures Kate sent over ;)


Rosalyn Osorto said...

OMGosh!! The pictures are adorable!! Who's the photographer?

Su Heeg said...

Wow! I just found you on Etsy. Absolutely beautiful headbands! I am going to order one and use your promo code. Thanks for the free offer. I can not wait to see what you send. I have 6 girls, I birthed them all. No multiples!! I can't wait to get your product for my SIXth little girl!! My others are all 15 down to 7 and they did not have bows like these back then so I am so tickled to beautify my last little dollie this way. THank you in a grand way!