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Friday, November 19, 2010


Almost 2 years ago my sister and I started selling our hair accessories on Etsy. We had been selling strictly to boutiques wholesale and weren't quite sure if we wanted to get into selling straight to the end consumer.
A couple months after we had started selling on Etsy, I was scrolling through one of my favorite photographer's blogs, Kate Moss at Peek A Boo photos. Kate and I have a couple mutual friends, which is how I started blog stalking her. Anyway, I was browsing through her site one day and realized some of the headbands on the sweet little babes were from us!! I was so excited!! I quickly emailed Kate, introduced myself, and we have been friends ever since!! I adore Kate's (and Dan's) work and I LOVE seeing her photograph our products! She is amazing and it is easy to see through the gorgeous portraits she takes for her clients! I am lucky to have met her!
So...this brings me to a fun little story I wanted to tell. Amanda, one of our most devoted customers, who owns literally almost everything we sell, got a fun surprise from her husband Ian recently. For her birthday, he surprised her with a map and showed her where they would be flying...all the way from sunny Florida up to Snowy Utah to get pictures with PeekABoo photos!! He knew how much she admired the pictures she saw on our website, and although he didn't quite get why they needed to fly all the way from FL to get their family pictures done, he did it anyway!! Now that they have these priceless pictures, he sees why and is grateful for them too!!
It's people, customers, friends like this, SO MANY of you that make this little business so fun!! It's working with WONDERFUL photogrpahers that make this SO FUN!! I am SO grateful for amazing customers, wonderful photogrpaher friends and fun stories like these that make this all worthwhile!!
to see the full post and more pictures of Amanda and Ian's DARLING family click here

Baby Nora wearing the Wistful Grey headband

Nora wearing a New Headband (soon to be listed in the shop) named after her!!

Nora wearing the Fionna!

Amazing photos!! Thanks for sharing Peek A Boo and Amanda!!!


JENIFER said...


Jennifer said...

Wow! Those were amazing photos-& what a beautiful (& well-dressed!) family! I'm in South Florida as well & now I want to fly to Utah too for a photoshoot!!!! Also, it reminds me I need to go on Etsy asap & purchase the Wistful Grey & Fionna headbands!!!!! Gorgeous!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for your sweet post, Linday. For your next entry, I want to see how you store your girls' headband collection! Kate had baskets and dressers full to the brim (heavenly). I love mine so much I'd like to sleep with them... but that hardly seems practical :) Got any good tips?

Lindsay Banner said...

Ha!! You ladies make me laugh! Amanda- as for the storage situation, I actually use several large jewelry holders meant for necklaces to hang my headbands in. For travel, I use a diaper wipes case to lay them in flat- several if I'm traveling with a lot of headbands :) As for the ruffle tops Jenifer, I would contact kate at Peek A Boo photos- she's get her things from all over the place!! I'm sure she could give you some good advice!! :) In fact, maybe I can do a post about some of them...?? I know she uses a lot of Matilda Jane clothing etc. :)

Amanda said...

Hmmm- diaper wipes cases for headbands... and I happen to know where I can find some really cute wipes cases :) The ruffle top is called a lace pettiromper. I got mine on etsy from chic baby rose. Kate does sell them in her studio, too. So cute!

Robin godwin said...

Funny story! I'm in Texas and actually contacted Peek a Boo photos to do a photo shoot for our family too after seeing their pics on your blog and etsy site. My husband and I pretty much work opposite schedules so we weren't able to do it for my baby's 6 mo pics. Fortunately, I found a fabulous photographer locally and she got some BEAUTIFUL pics of my baby with a few banner boutique beauties. I'll have to share when I get them.

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

That is the sweetest story ever!!!!

Sarah said...

I can truly attest to Amanda's love of your beautiful headbands. She is lucky to have a sweet baby girl who not only is adorable but actually keeps her pretty headbands on her head. I have tried to convince her BFF, aka my daughter, to also wear headbands to no avail. However, we will be ordering a "Nora" headband as soon as they are available.

Melissa Stover said...

those are fabulous photos and adorable headbands!