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Friday, December 17, 2010

...the details!!

I purposely scheduled a party last night for the ladies only...even though Banner Boutique is NUTS!! I knew this week would be crazy with all the regular Christmas Chaos...so I wanted to schedule a little fun in there for the ladies and moms who work so hard to make sure everyone else gets to their class parties, work parties etc. etc.- I figured the moms needed a party of their own!
I decided on a favorite things party...everyone chooses 1 of their favorite must have items (anything from lip gloss to Bath and Body works favorites), must be under $5.00, and you bring 5 of the same item. Everyone puts their name in a basket 5 times, and your name gets drawn 5 times and you go home with 5 new favorite items! So fun! I also made everyone tell 3 things about themselves, one of which was a lie and 2 were truths- if you stumped everyone and made them believe the lie was one of the truths you got a prize!
The night of the party was so fun and so chaotic, I didn't take ONE picture!! So as I was cleaning up this morning I snapped a few photos of the leftover party... ;)
I've been seeing all kinds of inspiration through blog world lately...wish I could remember where I saw certain things...I had so much fun adding fresh (real) pine throughout my house here and there...
LOVEd using my TomKat Studio labels from the Vintage Rudolph Collection!!

Even our Elf on the Shelf Peter was at the party! He loves to party (I was kind of surprised, I thought he was more of a quiet Elf, but put 40 ladies in a room and he starts to come alive! ;))
Loved these little place card holders I found at Michaels for my TomKat labels
OK- so this is a little embarrassing...but one of my favorite things to do...make fun ice cubes for the punch bowl, water dispenser etc. etc....weird, I know, it makes me giddy though!! Too bad I didn't get a picture of the ice ring in action...it had cranberries, limes, oranges and pine in it!
Made one of my favorite cakes but in cupcake version...

this little cupcake looks all sweet an innocent, like it's just your average chocolate cupcake...but no, Patti (one of our Banner Boutique Elves) made these to die for homemade Ding Dongs....YUM!!! They were DELISH!!
another favorite thing to do at a party...get lots of fun drinks and stick them in a big bin with SONIC crushed ice...YUM! And milk is always more fun where served in a Carafe!
Last but not least, my Grandma Dewey's Homemade Salted Butter Camels...YUM! Brings back fond memories of her every time I make them!!
anyway...just wanted to share...I had so much fun....I wish all of you could have joined me...maybe someday!??? :)
ENJOY this week with your families...because it will all be over way too fast! What a special time of year this is to hold loved ones close and take some time to just BE with them!!


Mary and Ryan said...

It was such a fun party Linds!! every detail was perfect, I have some pics of the girls on my blog if you want them...and if you have any of those caramels left before you leave to Cali, throw em over the fence would ya:)

Amanda said...

Looks like a great party- you arranged everything so nicely! And those carmels look divine. I never heard of homemade caramels. Wish I was closer- I would have had to crash that party :)

Lindsay Banner said...

Amanda, you would have been invited for sure!!! I can telly you would be a FABULOUS addition to ANY party!!! XOXO PS- the debut of the Nora is coming Jan 2011 ;)

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

You did a beautiful job, Lindsay!! The labels looks fabulous!! XOXO Kim

Melissa said...

Lindsay, you are SO amazing! You should really have your own t.v. show. You would put Martha to shame!

Amy said...

Lindsay this looks like SO much fun! I'm amazed! Your creativity and style is just gorgeous! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and enjoy a very Happy New Year!