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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Giddy Up!!

(photo courtesy of Pottery Barn)
I'll be honest...I'm having a bit of a hard time getting motivated today. LOTS of laundry. LOTS of picking up to do. LOTS of sick kids, 2 of the 3 to be exact. Kaitlyn has Strep throat and Chloe is congested with an ear infection as well. I was just barely saying how lucky we have been to never get sick even when everyone else seems to be sick. Well that lucky streak has come to an end. These are the ways I am motivating myself to do the dreaded chores I have ahead.
First, I found this helpful article to give me a little jump start to get my house organized and back on track after the aftermath of the holiday mess; the piles of *stuff* that we unloaded from our car are still (mostly) sitting there waiting for me to put them away. I have a lot of people ask me "how do you run a business and still take care of all of the responsibilities of being a stay at home mom?" Well...in short, the real answer is a.) I have lots of wonderful women help me and b.) sometimes certain things just don't get done right away...like the pile of stuff still waiting for me in the garage.
Here's the link to the article I read, simple and straight forward but very helpful. Click HERE
These tips are very helpful for me, achievable realistic advice in the ongoing effort of keeping my house semi-organized!!
While picking up the downstairs, I put the show Mad Hungry with Lucinda in the background. The dinner she was making looked yum- even better, it looked like a dinner my husband would like. I have to go to the grocery store already anyway, I might as well motivate myself to cook dinner tonight with some yummy recipes. I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes. (Click on the picture above to get the recipes)
Keeping these three entertained all day when I'm used to one of them being at school is another challenge today ;) I have a few ideas/activities in mind to hopefully help these three stay happy and busy while I clean and organize. I'll reward myself with play breaks here and there with this crazy bunch.
Last but not least, I have stacks and stack of motivational/self help/inspirational books throughout my house. I like to call myself a *collector* of good books. Today's quote I happened to read:

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice." William Jennings Bryan

What a great quote! How true! I believe we all too often forget the ability we have to create our own destiny. Too often we think that our lot in life is just whatever is thrown our way and we forget that we actually have a HUGE influence over our own lives and creating the life we want. Every choice we make, the way we choose to spend each minute we are given is up to us!

I wish each of you a happy, productive day!!


(Side note: this post was actually written yesterday. Right as I was about to hit the *publish* button, my sister Angela called and said her family had a layover in Phoenix on their way home to Oklahoma and they had been bumped so would I please come pick them up so they could stay with me last night!! Hooooraaaayyyy!!! One more day of neglecting the laundry, cleaning etc. etc.!! Anyway...I am back on track today!!! kind of, once I drop her back at the airport!! I love a good excuse to get out of chores! ;))

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Swirls of Happy said...

HAHA! I have totally been feeling un-motivated lately to clean, etc. as well. Boo for chores! Hope you babes get better asap! Does this mean I don't get to see you Friday?