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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On my mind...

These past 2 weeks have been wonderfully challenging!! I say wonderfully because despite the VERY FULL plate I have been holding and the never ending list of to-do's...I feel VERY very grateful for it all!! I feel that as I am really coming into my thirties (I think I'm 32, I lost track), I am finally getting a little better at balancing it all. I am still very far from perfect, but I do have my priorities in order, and when my priorities are in order, everything just seems to run a lot smoother and fall into place!!

I have been waking up before the kids to read my scriptures and/or Ensign. This alone has given me LARGE amounts of peace and focus as I go throughout my day. I have been trying VERY hard to stick to my strict schedule of working when the time has been allotted for work and being mom/wife when work hours have ended. I have continued to hire more and more incredibly talented and wonderful women to help me handle the work load so that I don't have to sacrifice my time with my kids and my family. This continues to be KEY for me!! The inspiration seems to flow a lot more readily too when I don't allow myself to *over-dose* on work!! Priorities are where it's at and although I adore my work and the creative outlet it provides me, my children and family are my pinnacle in life!

So...on my wonderfully challenging often overloaded plate are:

1.) All the FABULOUSLY NEW headbands and OTHER products we have in the works!!!! I can hardly stand it not just blurting it all out right now and telling you some of the things we are working on!!! FABULOUS, FABULOUS headbands I tell you...but there is more...so much more!!! The headbands will be offered within the next month. The other products will most likely take longer as we get everything in place. Above and below are just a tiny sneaky peaky of a couple of them...perfect for spring and summer!!!!

2.) Planning Chloe's 1st Birthday!!! I went back and forth on even doing this because I know myself...I can't just do something half way. If I decide to do it- then watch out- it's gonna have to be over-the-top...that's just the way it is- sorry babe!! I have asked the wonderful Kim from The TomKat Studio to custom design all of the party goods i.e. invites, tags, banners etc. etc. I have a whole slew of FABULOUS friends and *co-etsians* who have offered to send along wonderful products as well!! My brain is often on cuteness overload as I plan this party!! Here are a couple of the "inspiration boards" I have put together that we are all working off of. (Sometimes I worry that I might die from sweet picture overload...serious)

3.) Soooooo excited that I finally signed up to do Project Life!!!! I am trying the digital version bc I already have TOO much paper etc. all over my house!! I will keep you posted on how it goes ;) PS- If you don't know what Project Life is- I HIGHLY recommend you get familiar!! Click here to take go to the webpage.

4.) Gearing up for a SUPER Exciting Photo Shoot in Orange County with the wonderfully talented Melissa of Melissa Lyn Photography!!! She has already provided us with so many fabulous pictures (see above) and I simply cannot wait to see these new headbands modeled by some of the MOST cute children/babies/adults and photographed by her. I. Can. Not. WAIT!!! So excited!!!! (can you tell I'm excited???)

5.) Last but not least, excited for a little couples game night we are hosting this weekend with a few friends...we're playing minute to win it games; I'll have to let you know how it goes. We are surrounded by many wonderful friends who I adore. These past two years have been overly busy with launching various parts of this business. I have committed to myself that I will be more proactive about making more time to just have fun and surround myself with friends I adore. Life is busy when you have kids, a house to take care of, a husband, and a business. I love when we have our friends over and spend time with them. I love making time midweek to meet up with friends for lunch or taking a trip to the park with the kids. I don't do this often enough and I have committed myself to doing it more.
So there you have it. Those are just a few of the things on my brain lately...the things that leave me giddy with excitement...the things that make my life so wonderful and full...the things I try to remind myself of when I'm having a tough day, a long day or a challenging day. I hope to have some exciting (super exciting) news to share with you soon...in the mean time...and on a side note...many of the headbands that are in the shop right now will soon be sold out and never be offered again. The new headbands will still be a few weeks before they arrive...but the ones left in the shop right now are running low- so if you've had your eye on one (or 2 or 3) get them now because a lot of them will never be coming back ;)
I will leave you with this...one of my new favorites:
"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice." William Jennings Bryan
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


Angela said...

You are amazing, I don't know how you balance it all. I can't wait for the new headbands, the one shown are adorable. Keep up the great work.

stace said...

I so understand the priorities thing. I am trying to do the same thing...work when I schedule to work, be mom the other times. It is hard.

Your game night sounds fun. I want to plan something similar, but I run out of steam sometimes.

Love your stuff as always. Can't wait for your new stuff. I have to keep myself from looking because I want to buy buy buy!!

Brooklyn said...

You are such an inspiration! I hope game night was a blast, and those headbands are too die for! Love you!