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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


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Wanted to post a few memories from Christmas before next Christmas... Lots of New Years posts to publish too...but why post today what you can put off til tomorrow!! ;)
We left the desert life of AZ for some good 'ol southern CA coast...aka home. Mike's parents have a time share here so they traveled down from Idaho and we met up in Newport. Mike's sister and Brother and their families live in SoCal already so it was great to all be together for the holiday. We gave Clo a bath in our sink for the first time the night before we left...don't judge when you see the details of the aftermath from the party I threw the night before I left...maybe next year I'll do a better job at planning and throw a party 2 nights before we leave, not one night...note to self.

Had to show off this cute clutch I made for a customer right before we left out of town...LOVE the green and pink combo!
One of the first nights we were there we had a big party with my mom's side of the family. Notice how when it came time to make the gingerbread houses, not only were the kids asked to step aside as the adults took all of the seats, but it of course turned into this intense, gingerbread house/mansion making competition. LOVE my family!

Here we are in all of our glory, pajama bottoms and all. We are a really close family who feels comfortable celebrating in our PJ's! I love them so much!
Here are all the grand kids.great grand kids i.e. me and my cousins and all of our kids. I am the oldest cousin...my youngest cousin on this side of the family is only 1 year older than my oldest daughter Kaitlyn. Did you follow all of that?
Carson opening his first gift of the season...he was so excited!! He has grown up so much this past year...I LOVED watching him!
Clo girl- not feelin the whole present thing. This was her FIRST ever Christmas present of her life. She didn't seem to think it was a big deal...
We went to Mike's (my husband's) brother's graduation from law school. After the graduation we all went bowling and celebrated together. My kids loved bowling with their dad and cousins!

We hit up South Coast Plaza one day while it was raining. LOTS of rain while we were there. RECORD BREAKING amounts of rain. We had to get pretty creative in an effort to keep the kids entertained...
lots of jumping on beds and mess making as we were stuck in the hotel room for several days...
luckily Clo brought her iPad to keep herself entertained
we even resorted to opening most of their Christmas presents day by day to keep them entertained. We figured there was no point in waiting all the way til Christmas to give them all of these toys we had sitting in the closet. They didn't seem to care that they had 2 toys to open on Christmas day ;)
Sadie Lady...my sister Angela's cutie pie
FINALLY!! Clear skies!!

See that big mass of brown water...? FLOODING. That lake is not supposed to be there.
Another bath in the sink, at the hotel this time...

Now THIS is what I'm talkin about.
Silly Clo gettin herself stuck in between the chair and the sliding glass door
On one of the clear days Kaitlyn went swimming with the cousins...they had a blast together. We love cousin time!!

Christmas morning! Checking out all the bells and whistles on the fire truck Santa left for him. It's the only thing he asked for.
Check out our *make due* crepe paper Christmas tree we made on the wall ;) Gotta work with what you've got ;)
The mass of loot hiding inside his stocking.
Grandma and Clo Bell.
Grandma showing Clo Girl her new finger puppet book.
We had a great time! I LOVE being with family, nothing seems to make me happier! However, I also realized I love my life! I used to get sad at the end of trips/vacations to come home, I realized I was excited to get home though! I was excited to get back to my house, my friends, my family without all the hustle and bustle of being here and there, and Banner Boutique. I am grateful for that! Hope you all had a great time enjoying your family as well!!

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