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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things to Remember Via the Blackberry

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I don't carry around my giant camera nearly as much as I used to. Old age and 3 kids have slowed me down. I do however have my super pixalated Blackberry I can always lean on. I like to take snapshots of things I don't ever want to forget. These are a few of them from the past 2 weeks:
Above: Kaitlyn's artwork. It is pinned to the bulletin board above my computer desk. I read it many times a day. She made it 4 days ago. I think it's quite profound. "Landsiy you are the best mom in the world. Mike you are the best dad in the world. Carson is the best brother in the world. Chloe is the best baby sister in the world. And this is me."
How lucky am I that she thinks our family is "the best." How wonderful that "that is her, part of the best," not in the sense of the best being better than anyone else, in the sense that she is happy that she is part of a family she loves so much. What could a mother desire more than to know her child feels loved and happy in her family? I love this piece of artwork.
Above: Red ice stars. I have been obsessed with ice lately. The kids and I have been making these and saving them up for a not yet planned party we will throw in the near future. I love ice. I love my kids. I love making ice with my kids.
Above: Mike letting Chloe sit on his shoulders. Since when did she get so old. What is going on here!! Stop the growing...at least slow it down, somebody, please!
Above and below: Clo loves all things electronic, especially with buttons. She studies them intently. I love watching her study.
Above and below: Clo in her crib after Carson has filled it with all sorts of things. Carson likes to be the first one to go see Clo when she wakes up from a nap. He runs to her room yelling "let me go first" every time he hears her wake from a nap. I walked into this a couple days ago. Carson makes me laugh.

I love partitioned plates. Makes serving kids and feeding kids so much more fun. They love it too. Anything, when put on a plate like this, seems to be so much more fun. Go get them at your local Target or Pottery Barn Kids!
I recently got a new dining room table. I love it. I love being able to have 8 plus people sit around my table. I love the room it allows for us to put all of the food on the table and spread out and enjoy meals with friends and family.
I LOVE the photos Jessica at Sierra Studios took of our family. I have them hung and displayed all over our house already...that's how much I love them! I've never once regretted getting our family pictures taken. What priceless treasures to have for our family now and forever!
I love watching Clo drink her bottle. She is still my baby in certain ways. I kind of don't want her to move on the the sippy...
Above and Below: I LOVE being with family. This is Mike's Aunt. His Aunt and uncle along with 2 of his cousins came for dinner last week. Aunt Claudy is AMAZING with children. She has her own preschool and is has a gift when it comes to kids. She had Carson cracking up and giggling all night long. Wish they lived closer...although Mike is very excited to go visit them at their home in Alaska this August with a couple friends!!

Above and Below: There's a new Cake Shop in town...and you can bet you'll find me there several times a week!! I will be introducing you to April who owns this shop very soon! She and I are going to be very good friends...I can tell. I bought a half dozen cupcakes and cake pops to serve for desert the night Mike's Aunt and uncle came to dinner...they were a hit!

Above: This is one of the pieces of meat I cooked for dinner. This picture is not only to prove that I do cook at times, it also shows how my little cooking buddy, Carson, is ALWAYS right there when it comes time to cook! He LOVES to be in the kitchen with me. I LOVE having him in there with me!
Above: These darling sets can be found at your local Costco-get em fast bc I have a feeling they'll be gone really quickly!
Above: thought these signs were cute at a new shop I found... especially the orange one ;)
Above: Clo hitting the jackpot!
Carson trying to figure out if that Santa in the Mac store is real...
Above: another one of the cute signs/frames at the store.
Above: More evidence that my baby is growing up!! :( She's standing not crawling now!!! :(
Above: Sweet bathing beauties
Above: more standing! Stop it! :(
Above: People always ask me how I suggest they store their headbands: jewelry organizers I tell you! These were at TJ Maxx...always a great way to keep them wrinkle free!
Above: The view from our hotel during Christmas...wish I could bring that back with me to AZ!
Above: A sleepy Clo Girl on Christmas eve...running last minute errands.
Above: Merry Christmas by the pool!
Above: Clo hanging with me at the pool
Above: Bathing beauties
Above: Clo keeping up with emails while on vacation!
Above: More pretty views of the Pacific
Above: Sleepy Christmas travelin Clo girl!
**I'm on a blog posting high...stay tuned!!....


Brooklyn said...

Love your beautiful life my friend. Thanks for sharing all things wonderful! XOXO

Swirls of Happy said...

Love this!!! You are such a great decorator, I love the white chairs mixed with pattern....fantastic!!!!

Sierra Studios said...

Your photo display looks beautiful!!