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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Sale! Now through Monday May 9th

It's been awhile since we've had any kind of sale...and what better reason to have a sale then to celebrate all the mothers!!

Here are the details (please be sure to read them all carefully):

1.) For every $25.00 (not including shipping) you spend, you get a $10.00 credit to spend how you wish on any of the items listed below.

2.) When you hit the $75.00 and $100.00 mark or higher, you will receive an additional surprise headband for every $25.00 spent.

3.) You MUST include the word *MothersDay* in the notes to seller section while checking out through ETSY.

4.) You must include the exact item names (or links) for the items you are wanting for your FREE items in the notes to seller section when checking out through Etsy.

5.) All FREE products will come in our standard sizes and colors listed, NO CUSTOM requests will be able to be accommodated for free products and no substitutions, so sorry!

6.) Please do not request FREE headbands that are worth MORE, or add up to MORE, than your credit.  We will not accept additional payments to make up the difference for a FREEBIE that is worth more than your credit. If you do request something that is worth more than your credit we will make adjustments as we see fit, i.e., we'll pick something for you. :) 

7.) If you have remaining credit that can't be used worth more than $2.00, we will surprise you with something to make up the difference. :)

8.) This sale is not retroactive for previous orders.

Here are the items available for FREE using your credit, happy shopping!!:


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Lexi said...

I wanted to send you an email but my computer wont go to it when I click on contact us.. can you email me at leximarie19@yahoo.com or let me know your email address? I need to ask you something about etsy.