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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keeping it REALLY real

Photography by http://www.melissalynphotography.com/
 One of the most fun parts about owning Banner Boutique is seeing gorgeous pictures of our products!  It's always a thrill to see gorgeous images sent in from literally hundreds of photographers!
Photography by http://www.melissalynphotography.com/
 One of the most frequent questions we get asked on a more than daily basis is: "Do you trade photography for product?"  Although we do not have an exact science as to how we choose which photographers we work with and which ones we don't, I will say, 99% of the photographers we work with are people who first bought our product, then sent us their GORGEOUS/stunning/unique photos.  This is how we have found pretty much every single one of our *go to photographers* that we work with on an on-going basis today.  We now will randomly ship our beloved photographers goodie boxes filled with the latest items needing to be photographed.  However, as we continue to grow larger and larger, it has started to become easier sometimes to do large photo shoots with one photographer where we style the entire shoot, beginning to end.
 Just last week we had a HUGE shoot in Orange County CA with Melissa of http://www.melissalynphotography.com/.  This shoot included about 16 models of various ages, 14 additional vendors who sent props etc. in, and it lasted about 12 hours total when all was said and done.  We did this shoot in Orange County because that is where most of my family is (who I rely on to help me through these shoots), because Melissa is located there, and because it would be child abuse to have 16 kids shoot through 120 degree weather for 12 hours here in Arizona.

 As fun as it all can be in some ways, it's all quite overwhelming too!!  For instance, we are having one more photo shoot with Jessica from http://www.sierrastudiosphotography.com/ tomorrow because after 12 hours in CA, we still have a few more items we didn't get through.  In an effort to show you not just the gorgeous/glamorous photos that we end up with for Banner Boutique, I want you to see what kind of toll this takes on my house during the week leading up to a shoot and the week after.  This picture is what my studio/computer room looks like right now, sad, but true!  It takes hours and hours just to sort through all the new product, match it up with the outfits it coordinates with and match up the props that would best work into the shot.
A snapshot of a few of the new items
 I also got to spend a few hours sewing my little heart out getting some final pieces ready hoping that I can get everything for the rest of this year shot in tomorrow's shoot...
 But as fun as this all is for the creative part of my brain, it's also way more then I prefer to do on a regular basis.  It reminds me of the time when I first started this business and my life was way out of balance!  I craved my kids and just sitting and playing with them!  I craved not having time lines and pressures resting on my shoulders constantly getting in the way of me just enjoying my family.  I craved the hundreds of kisses I usually would get from each one of my kids that I didn't now have the time for.  I craved soaking in every bit of them, all day long.  I even craved doing their laundry, washing their dishes, and cleaning up their messes.
my kids reading to each other this morning, I adore them!
 As excited as I am for this website to get done, as excited as I am to see all of these new products beautifully photographed, I am even more excited to return to my normal business hours of 12 noon to 3 pm while the kids are at school and Chloe is asleep.  That's all, that's it- that is plenty "Banner Boutique time" at this stage in my life.  I'm glad this period of preparing for the new website is only going to last 3 weeks- and then I am back to my super part time Banner Boutique status!!

For now, I'm going to start cleaning up the mess that is my office ;)

My Chloe intrigued by her sweet little reflection


Meg said...

Neat! I like getting the background info on how you guys do things over there! :)

The Banner Family said...

So excited to see your new products and also looking forward to seeing your beautiful family grow. Delighted to be a part of it!

Amanda Lancaster said...

So glad you're back! I've been checking your blog almost daily- I think I'm the last gal on earth who's not on FB! Congratulations on your pregnancy, too! Four kids- wow! You make it look so easy (and chic!) Anyway- so happy about the new blog and chance to have a peek into the BB world.

Lindsay Banner said...

Thanks so much girls!! I'm excited to be back on the blog bandwagon!! ;) xo

Anonymous said...

Love this behind the scenes look into your life! Thanks for sharing... I am beyond impressed that you are able to keep such a great hours, keeping your family as your number one prioroty! Way to go Lindsay - I'm dying to see the new collections and website!