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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An updated introduction...August 2011

Chloe (my youngest and me August 2011) Photography courtesy of http://www.melissalynphotography.com/

Welcome!  When I read a blog or buy from a mom-owned, home based business, I like to know who the person is behind the hand made shop.  So, in an effort to update my last *introduction* from a couple years ago- here we go…!

My Family, December 2010-yes, I changed my hair from blond to brunette just a few months ago ;)  Photography courtesy of http://www.sierrastudiosphotography.com/

My name is Lindsay Banner and I’m the owner/blog writer for Banner Boutique!  Banner Boutique has been in business for about 5 years now.  It started with my sister Angela and I selling straight to boutiques, wholesale only.  We never thought selling straight to the public would be financially worth it, so it wasn’t until I found myself moving away from all of my friends and family in Southern CA, relocating to Arizona, suddenly with a lot of free time to actually try selling our products on Etsy… and boy were we wrong!!  Banner Boutique exploded on Etsy and it has been a wild and crazy ride ever since!  We now have about 6-8 other women who work with my sister and I at any given time including Amy who is our operations manager and Jeni who is my *domestic assistant* who helps me keep the laundry running and the dishes under control (more on that later).

Is it wrong that I'm not in love with my oh so pregnant behind!!?? I put a nice little flower to cover a bit of that up ;)  I didn't want Melissa's gorgeous photography to go wasted and have me ruin the picture!  Photography courtesy of http://www.melissalynphotography.com/

First and foremost though, I am a wife to a wonderfully supportive husband Mike and mother to Kaitlyn (7), Carson (4), Chloe (1.5) and baby #4 who is scheduled to arrive December 6th!!  The opportunity to be a wife and raise these amazing children gives me satisfaction beyond measure.  Mike and I met in Newport Beach over 10 years ago and have now been married for almost nine years.  Although I truly adore the entrepreneurial adventure Banner Boutique offers me, I have found myself unwilling to give up my chosen role as wife and mother first; this is my true passion!  Banner Boutique is a perfect compliment to my already busy life, which is why I have chosen to let Banner Boutique grow yet bring in many other women to help me along the way so that I don’t have to give up my life as wife and mom!  I am a southern CA native trying to learn to embrace the desert life here in oh so sunny and warm Arizona!

photography courtesy of my lovely iPhone ;)

I invite you to check in here often with me on my blog as I finally commit to writing on a very regular basis…now that I have all the right women in place to run Banner Boutique!  Here we will discuss things I am learning/have learned along the way such as the importance of focusing on your marriage despite the chaos of children, the true joy that motherhood can offer (as well as the not so joyful moments), food/recipes (and the fact that food really does bring me joy and I am not ashamed to admit it), my love of all things holiday and any reason for celebration, my desire to start wearing real clothes and velour sweat suits less, my love of travel and the adventures we go on, how I attempt to juggle being a wife and mom as well as run a business and anything else you ladies want to talk about (within reason of course!).
My family December 2010, Photography courtesy of http://www.sierrastudiosphotography.com/

I will warn you, I am a VERY passionate (sometimes confused as opinionated) person, however, I am a very open person as well who likes to learn as much as possible!! The things I believe in, I believe strongly, yet I am also very aware that we all have our own opinions and we all MUST respect each other despite our differences, this is what makes life wonderful!! Please remember, when reading my blog that this is my view/my opinion/my philosophy, and it’s really OK if you do not agree, I am totally OK with that and completely respect that! Again, that’s what makes this blogging world so wonderful, we can visit and learn about different viewpoints from various people, whether or not we agree- this is what makes it all so interesting and enjoyable!

So…let’s get to blogging!!


Raenbows and Mud Puddles said...

I am so excited to have been able to watch this "baby" of Angela & yours blossom into a wonderful business! Your hair accessories have been some of my most favorite since you started Banner Boutique!
You look great... ♥

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! We find out what Baby #2 is- tomorrow! Yuo can bet if it's another girl I will be contacting you very soon for some super cute headbands & bows! I've still got big siiter (3) who will gladly wear them! Keep up the great work! Love the pictures....Melissa rocks!

Colleen said...

What a beautiful family!

amcgrew said...

I just placed an order and wanted to make sure it went through. My name is AMy McGrew. I ordered 2 big rosettes and a belt and a interchangeable piece.
Can't wait to receive them!



Natalie Ng said...

Hi Lindsay!

I finally get to see the person who's made all my lovely hairbands! I love them so much. The new interchangable concept is fabulous!!!

Keep up the great work!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, new to your blog and site. Look forward to reading more about you and your business. Oh and you definitely suit the brown hair better!!