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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Family Trip to San Clemente, Part 1 {Real Pictures}

 Sometimes it requires leaving town to be able to focus 100% on your family, at least for me, that's how it goes.  We made some last minute plans with dear friends of ours to rent a beach house and meet up in San Clemente.  These are some of our most favorite friends- the type of couple who not only do I love the wife but Mike grew up with the husband since childhood- these are the type of friends who we could travel the world with and never get sick of them.

Our kids also match up almost exactly age wise- their oldest is 9 months younger then our oldest, but their second and third children were born almost exactly when ours were- needless to say- each of our kids has a perfect playmate when we are with these friends (you can see Carson (on the left) with his buddy Jackson on the right- above).
 We got there late Friday night...so Saturday morning we started the day off right with a trip to the fabulous Bagel Shack- just up the street from the beach house we were staying in.  A couple bagel sandwiches for me and the kids, an acaci berry smoothie bowl split in 2 for us to share and 2 strawberry bagels for the kids- heaven.
 We went back to the beach house, packed up some snacks, and headed down to the beach.  For some reason, turkey sandwhiches on fresh deli rolls have always been my beach snack of choice- ever since I was young.

 Our walk down to the beach was perfect- I nice little stroll, no more then 1/4 of a mile.  We had 2 little wagons to put all our stuff in- Carson loved pulling it down to the beach all by himself.
 Although San Clemente is part of Orange County, it really has a small town feel to it, that's one of the things I loved most about it when we lived there.  I love that there's a perfect mix of just a few shops right down by the beach, pizza, ice cream, deli, convenient store etc.- just the right stuff available right there at the shore.
 I also love how wide the boardwalk is- plenty of room for runners and bikers to move in both directions- also makes it so easy to pull/push your stroller/wagon all the way down the beach without having to pull it through the treacherous sand the whole way.
 Chloe soaking in the beach air...in a headband that will debut on the new website ;)
 The big girls get right to building a castle- they have an agenda and have no time to waste!

 This is our friend Jeff and his oldest...it's moments like this that remind you why it's so important to take time away with your family.  Moments where it's just you and your kids, your wife, your daughter- to soak in the time together.
 There's a train that runs right along the beach in San Clemente- a HUGE bonus for our train loving kids!  Everyone dropped what they were doing and just stared in amazement every time the whistle blew and the train rushed by- thank heavens for us parents that there was a nice sturdy fence that separated us from the train though!

 This is my Carson boy- who doesn't really like to smile on command- this is his classic "mom, don't make me smile, smile" ;)
 This is my oldest, Kaitlyn, who is looking more and more grown up to me every single day! :(  I am almost down to only 11 more years with her before she leaves my house- and I'm being serious- I often think about how truly short our time is with our children before they leave our nest forever...this time is so precious!
 This picture isn't in focus- but I love how it shows Chloe's excitement every time the train passed- so glad she pointed it our for use each time!
 Chloe was a busy excavator moving and hauling sand!  She did so well at the beach- she was truly entertained the whole time to just roam around and play in the sand- all of my kids could have just dug in the sand ALL DAY LONG...
 LOVE those chunky thighs!!
 and here's my big girl Kaitlyn with her shiny new 2 week old ear piercings ;)
 Digging a giant whole with the dads was a must every day we were there!
 Carson was pretty serious with his wheel barrow- loading it up then moving the sand all around- thank heavens we had a wheel barrow!
And that was just the first part of day 1...don't worry, I'll try to minimize the pictures on the next post...where I'll also show you all the fun shops I like to visit while I'm there- like the one above!

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