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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{Featured} HGTV and upcoming debut...

Did you happen to catch this *indigo* post on HGTV by my friend Kim?  So cute...and so fun to see one of our NEW fabric rosettes displayed in her collage!...

 ...another fun {feature} coming tomorrow...the Halloween part of our photo shoot where we incorporated Kim's newest printable Halloween set...think classic black and orange with a bit of spooky thrown in!!  You're going to love this classic Halloween set!!
as for me...I'm finally starting to see that it might actually be possible for me to get on the plane with my husband tomorrow and head to Florida for a little rest and relaxation.  I will be honest...there were A LOT of meltdowns today...not only by Chloe, but me too.  Lot's of emails sent to the hubs telling him I may not be ready to go by tomorrow!  Today was our first time ever sending a newsletter to our database of almost 10,000 customers who have purchased from us previously.  And let me tell you...10,000 emails sent out brings A LOT {A LOT} of orders...and not that I am complaining about that for even one second...I just wanted to make sure that I didn't leave my Banner Boutique team in a situation that would have them cursing my name while I was away in Florida.  Anyway- it was a BUSY (BUSY BUSY) day of trying to get Banner Boutique all buttoned up and ready for the rest of the week ahead while I am gone.

In case any of the BB team reads this, I want to again give them my sincerest thanks for keeping BB rolling smoothly every time I am away.  I would in no way be able to have this business without ANY one of them!!  Amy, Jeni, Jen, Ang, Hannah, Marilyn, Wendy and Patti and Malisa too...you ALL are the reason I can even keep this business!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to enjoy this business yet still have a normal life as well!!

I will be in and out of touch throughout the rest of this week...but stay tuned...I have a few more things to show you/tell you this week ;)

XOXO, Lindsay

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Mama T said...

Happy to receive the first newsletter and coupon in my inbox yesterday! Can't wait to place an order! Hope you have a restful and fun trip!