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Friday, September 9, 2011

{Featured} TomKat Studio *New* Halloween Cupcake Collection

To get the details about the SALE (ending soon), click HERE
 One of my favorite things I get to do with Banner Boutique is collaborate with lots of other VERY talented women!  One of my favorites is Kim who owns The TomKat Studio!  She is debuting her NEW Halloween cupcake collection and Banner Boutique got to adorn lots of little girls and a *mommy* with clips on their aprons, clothing and hair!

All of the gorgeous details were captured by Vicki Lynn Photography
 I don't know about you...but for some reason I don't think I look this *hot* when I'm throwing a party for my kids...isn't that the beauty of *staging* a party scene and doing a photo shoot- everything looks amazing!!
 Everytime we do a collaboration like this where certain pieces are showcased (like the halloween hair bows, the black and white striped clips etc.), we get a spike in sales on those particular items...so, because we are only a week away from launching the new website, and because our Etsy shop is still down (for hopefully no longer then this afternoon), I want you to know that these items WILL be available...just as soon as the Etsy shop is back in business- if you are a fan on Facebook you will know the minute the shop is back up!
 Could this sweetheart be any cuter with her pigtails and coordinating Halloween bows?!  And I'm loving that black and white striped poof that she clipped on to her apron (also available in the shop)!
 The lace poof headband shown here will also be available...

Love the Camryn polka dot rosette on the *Mommy's* apron- also available in the shop!

Head on over to the TomKat Studio's FULL POST to get ALL of the details and find out how, for a limited time, you can snag this entire Halloween Cupcake collection for 50% off!!

...and I promise to keep you posted as to when the Banner Boutique Etsy shop is back open ;) (For those of you who don't know, Etsy unknowingly removed all of our listings with no warning, no email explanation.  We are patiently waiting for them to read any of our 5 emails and turn our shop back on- we hope this will happen sometime today...)

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Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Gosh I could get lost online looking at these sorts of posts for hours and hours. Thanks for sharing.
Fee xx