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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My September 11th

I wanted to take a minute to write down my emotions regarding September 11.  I think we all think about where we were, what we were doing, what we were thinking/feeling, how we felt as it all sank in.  I was working in LA as the director of student services for 2 vocational school campuses.  These schools taught things such as medical and dental assisting, computer technology and office administration.  I was responsible for the department that taught all of the career curriculum, placed the students into internships and then ultimately placed them into jobs when they graduated.  I had a diverse staff that consisted of young college age people all the way up through older women in their sixties.

It was my *semi-worry-ridden* sixty-something year old employee who was the first to tell me that something crazy was happening in New York as I walked into my office.  I set my bags down, checked in with all of my employees to get the day going, then went straight to the break room to turn on the TV and see things for myself- and ultimately assess the situation for myself knowing that my *worrisome* employee often exaggerated things and maybe this was one of those times.

I remember staring blankly at the TV as I watched the first tower that had already been hit pour smoke up into the air.  I kept staring and staring, not able to wrap my mind around what I was seeing.  Eventually the second plane flew into the second tower, still I stood there, blank, emotionless, as if this was some horror movie I was watching, for sure not a real account of what was going on in my world.

Soon I was in the head directors office.  The director of Education, myself and the head director got confirmation from our corporate office that school was officially canceled.  We reported back to our departments and sent all of our employees and told the teachers to send their students home.

I don't remember all of the details after that- I just remember meeting up with a friend of mine who was the director at another one of our campuses on Rodeo Drive in LA- why, I don't know, that's just where we ended up- I think because it was half way between our two campuses.

Fast forward to today.  September 11th is a reminder of many things for me.  First, I cannot believe that it has been 10 years.  It truly feels that it happened just yesterday.  The fact that my 6 year old daughter was not even close to being on this earth back when this happened is crazy to me.  The fact that this is now an event that she learns about at school as if it is *history* is crazy to me!  We are still at war because of this!  We are still fighting for the same things!  Our men and women are risking their lives day in and day out for what started now a whole decade ago!

September 11th is a reminder that God will not stand in the way of any one's free agency!  He told us from the beginning that we have our agency to choose for ourselves, and sometimes people choose to do bad, bad things!  As much as I am sure that our Heavenly Father would like to intervene on our behalf every time someone was about to injure or cause pain to one of His children, He does not take that agency away from us, that is part of His plan that allows us to grow and become strong while here on this Earth.

September 11th is a reminder that evil is a real thing, Satan is a real thing.  If we do not choose to teach our children about God, Jesus and good, Satan will still do everything he can to influence our children.  If we abandon this responsibility to teach our children about good and about God, Satan may very well win.

September 11th is a reminder that we are strong!!  America is strong, each of us are strong!  America did not stop and roll over and give up when September 11th happened!  Despite disagreements and varying views, Americans will and can rebuild, move on, learn from past experiences, and keep going!  I cannot tell you how many INCREDIBLE stories I have watched these past years, especially this weekend of person after person who persevered through the challenges and losses that came because of September 11th only to become a stronger more resilient person!  Americans are amazing, truly amazing, and their desire to serve and help each other when the chips are down is inspiring!  Even people who might have been enemies before, are now brought closely together because of their shared hope to rebuild and strengthen themselves and their families!

September 11th is evidence that no matter how awful anyone thought George Bush or any other political leader may or may not have been, George Bush and many, many other politicians were deeply, truly, affected by this and they did every single thing in their power to protect and then defend America!  You cannot deny that George Bush truly and sincerely loves this country and did everything he was able and aware of to then fight for and protect this country!  September 11th was such a beyond horrific surprise to everyone.  No real person could have predicted it's exact happening!  No matter how prepared we could have or should have been, I truly feel George Bush and many others always had this country's best interest at the very top of their priority list and it showed through their commitment and dedication in the months, weeks and years following 9/11.

And last but bot least, September 11th is evidence once again of the fact that life is a gift, a true gift, and in the blink of an eye this time here on earth can be taken.  Any survivor or descendant of the deceased from September 11th can tell you that.  We all have our complaints, some trivial, some not so much, but either way, if you are here reading this, you are blessed to still be here on this earth with whatever opportunity you CHOOSE to take advantage of.  Our life is in our hands while we are here.  We need to realize how we spend each day, each minute is up to us.  What we choose to do with those precious minutes is what matters.

What matters to you?

This is a question I think about often.  This is a question that helps me prioritize my life, my time.

I hope you all get to take a moment and reflect on this.  I think it'd fitting that this day falls on a Sunday, a sacred day at our house.  We will be attending church as usual and then watching some 9/11 documentaries at the request of my oldest, Kaitlyn.

I feel beyond privileged to live in this country.  That blessing right there places me in a position of ultimate opportunity.

XOXO, Lindsay


Lovella said...

Thank you Lindsay. Well-said. God Bless.

Lindsay Banner said...

Thank you, Lovella! Xo

Jennifer L. said...

Very nicely said. My setiments exactly! I can't believe it's been 10 years, & my children, too, were far from even a twinkle in our eye then-& yet it still seems like yesterday. I hope everyone has a peaceful day.

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

From the other side of the world Australia remembers your people and ours who were affected by this. Fee xxx