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Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Time!!!!!! and a few secrets revealed...including 5$ shipping for ALL size orders!

http://www.melissalynphotography.com/  Shirt: http://www.oh-fiddlesticks.com/  Pillow: Urban Fringe

Hooray!!  The time has finally come!  After a LOT of behind the scenes preparation by MANY people...we are ready to turn our website *on*!!  Let me say, this has been a LONG process, and like many other things I've learned in business, it's WAY more work then I thought it would be!  There are still many things to tweak/adjust on the new website, but I'm so happy to say it's ready to be shopped! a HUGE thank you to Catherine at The Avalon Rose Collection for designing this site!!  She was WONDERFUL to work with!!
To answer the million dollar question that many of you guessed...Banner Boutique's flowers, fabric rosettes, and lace rosettes are almost ALL interchangeable now!  Yes!  You heard me right- interchangeable!  Let me give you a little background and answer a few questions that I'm sure many of you will have...

 5 years ago when we started this business, we were NOT huge fans of interchangeable headbands that used a clip to secure the flower to the band.  We just don't love the hard clip laying right against baby's head AND we don't love the way the clip sticks out and causes a gap between flower and the headband itself- to us, it just didn't look right.  The only way we were completely in love with the headbands were if they were completely secured to the band itself causing no awkward gaps and no indents left on soft little heads from the hard clip...although...we did dream about having our cake and eating it too...which is what lead to our vision.

Since Banner Boutique has been pure and utter craziness since opening our doors directly to the public, it's taken us awhile to get patents filed and everything in place to make this transition.  Although Velcro itself cannot be patented, certain aspects of our new line could be patented and required paperwork and thought before launching.
http://www.melissalynphotography.com/ Halter Tops: http://www.kateemerson.com/ Tutus: Brenna Leigh's Party Decor: The TomKat Studio Pom Poms: A Dash of Color
 So, how does it all work, you ask?  Let me try to answer that in as simple a way as possible.  Although not ALL of our headbands can be offered as interchangeable, almost all of them are!  The flowers listed under the *interchangeable flowers* link on the new website are placed on Velcro and can be attached to a variety of different headbands, clips, belts and sashes for newborns all the way up through adults.  This gives everyone INFINITE possibilities!!  Another FABULOUS part of this new system: The headbands, clips, sashes and belts can hold 1, 2 or even three different flowers, fabric rosettes etc. so that you can create custom color combinations until you hearts content!!
http://www.melissalynphotography.com/ Halloween Tee and Dress: Cotton Laundry 
 Although this new system will be the most preferred way now to buy your accessories, I know that a few of you may prefer to buy them the old way where the flower is permanently secured to the headband.  If this is the case, we are in the process of adding that option to all of our flower headbands.  If you are wanting to purchase a headband this way and it does not yet have that option in the listing, please email us at bannerboutique AT hotmail.com.  We will be adding this feature over the next week- but are happy to add it right away if you are wanting to buy certain ones this way.
http://www.melissalynphotography.com/ Halloween Banner: The TomKat Studio
 So now for a little surprise!  For a limited time, ALL orders ship for only $5.00, no matter the size!!  Please know, with the limited quantity of many of our items, some items will sell out quickly during this website launch, so if there are items you know you are wanting, we do advise purchasing sooner then later since some of the items will not be re-stocked.
http://www.melissalynphotography.com/ Ring: Blush Envy
 A few other things to keep in mind...this is our very first, custom website design.  Although we have run through it many times, there may be certain things/issues you may see as a buyer.  We would LOVE any and all feedback you can provide us!  There are several things we still need to tweak over this next week, such as the thumbnail images not being a uniform size etc.  Overall though- we cannot wait for you to see it!!  We want to take a minute to thank http://www.melissalynphotography.com/ in Orange County for our HUGE photo shoot to get this website ready as well as http://www.sierrastudiosphotography.com/ for helping us finish the final photo shoot!
http://www.melissalynphotography.com/ Petti Romper: Banner Boutique Tutu: Brenna Leigh's Party Banner: The TomKat Studio
One more thing to note, although we are working as fast as we can to get ALL of our products from Etsy listed on the new site, there are still several products that have not yet been added to the site.  If you are wanting to purchase something on the new site and do not see it, please contact Amy at bannerboutique AT hotmail.com and we will add it asap for you!
Pair of Art Pieces: Urban Fringe Tiered dessert stand: Olivia Dru Pom Poms: A Dash of Color
Another question I can anticipate being asked: Will all of your items be available on Etsy?  The answer: No.  Etsy will always remain there, however, for a complete selection and to see what's new, the new website will always be your best bet when it comes to placing an order. 

 Something else I'd like to quickly mention...over the next few weeks we will be featuring MANY of the vendors that were involved with our most recent photo shoot!  There are a LOT of fabulous items we came across and I can't wait to share some of them with you!  For now, click on the links to some of their shops listed in this post (below the pictures) and throughout our new website.
http://www.melissalynphotography.com/ Outfit: Gaia Baby
 So, sit back, relax, grab a snack (or two), and start browsing through our new site!  I'm excited to see all the many ways you adorn your wardrobe with Banner Boutique accessories!!  In fact...
http://www.sierrastudiosphotography.com/ Interchageable Rosettes: http://www.bannerboutiqueonline.com/ Coat: Old Navy
 we will be having a contest in the near future to see all of your many ways you interchange our new products!
http://www.sierrastudiosphotography.com/ Belt and Interchangeable Flowers: http://www.bannerboutiqueonline.com/ Dress: Target
 We've had fun mixing and matching during the photo shoots and will continue to post various combinations and ways to use your accessories!

http://www.sierrastudiosphotography.com/ Headband and Interchageable Rosettes: http://www.bannerboutiqueonline.com/ Hats: Target

So stay tuned...and happy shopping!!  Thank you for being a part of our success!  We wouldn't be the company we are without each of you!!
http://www.sierrastudiosphotography.com/ Dress: The Fresh Stitch

XOXO, Lindsay
(website will launch officially between 8-9am PST; http://www.bannerboutiqueonline.com/)

*Stay tuned for Giveaway winner!


Andrea @ The Worley House said...

I was just browsing the new site! Looks great!! Best of luck as you transition!!

Lindsay Banner said...

Thanks Andrea!!

Shelby N. said...

Wow, how exciting! The new website looks fantastic. :-)

Leidy Rodriguez said...

I love the new website! Best of luck to Banner Boutique and Congrats on such an amazing job!

The Seaman Family said...

Love the new interchangeable flowers! I had to give you a shout out on my blog. Good luck and way to stay ahead of the herd. Your hard work will definitely pay off. :)


Lindsay Banner said...

Thanks so much Aubree, Leidy and Shelby!!! XOXO