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Monday, September 12, 2011

More Sneaks...and On My Mind...

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Photography by http://www.melissalynphotography.com/ Shirt by http://www.oh-fiddlesticks.com/ Pillow by: www.etsy.com/shop/urbanfringe
 This weekend was a whirlwind.  LOTS of prepping for the new website.  It sounded and looked like a true factory over here on Saturday- ALL of Banner Boutique team was here pretty much the whole day!  The sound of sewing machines working their little tails off filled the air while Amy and I officially started loading all of them products into our new website!!  We were a bit intimidated at first, but once we loaded the first product, we were off!!  Having the new website will be glorious!!!  The fact that there will be drop down boxes for everything from size, color, style, accent colors etc. etc. will be heaven sent!!  We truly cannot wait...can you tell!!??

Photography by http://www.melissalynphotography.com/ Petti Romper and Headband by http://www.bannerboutiqueonline.com/
Like I've mentioned before, my work hours are generally 12:30-3:30 Mon through Friday.  I really have not had to work much more then that ever since we brought Amy (our operations manager) on board.  I have truly enjoyed that schedule, however, for the past few weeks and until the website launches, my hours have been much more.  I have come to learn this is part of the deal when owning a business.  You can set yourself up for a great schedule and learn what works best for you and your family, but every so often, when big projects are going on (like launching a new website), your work hours spike.  Although it's all exciting etc.- I am anxious to get back to my routine, normal schedule. 
Photography by http://www.melissalynphotography.com/ Petti Romper and Headband by http://www.bannerboutiqueonline.com/
The three pictures above are new items that you will see in the new website!  There is also a secret about each of these items that will be revealed with the new website that I think you will LOVE!

In the mean time...here are a few pictures I snapped over the weekend...above, Kaitlyn dressed Chloe up in a princess dress for the first time over the weekend- complete with lip gloss- she loved it!
 Chloe loves to be silly and make us laugh, like Saturday night when she put one of Carson's (clean) pull-ups on her head ;)
 Chloe loves to snuggle...but only for a second- then she's off to bigger and better things! ;)
I'm hoping that when nutritionists talk about the importance of having several small meals throughout the day a Hershey bar can count?
Pictures like this make me happy!!  This is the start of MANY headbands being made to gear up for the website launch!

So- before I leave you for today...I wanted to share something I was thinking about while in church yesterday...something that we were discussing.  As *BUSY* as we all are, as caught up in our own lives as we can be, we must make time to help and serve others.  This fact is more true for ME this week then ever.  My to-do list is longer then it has ever been with the deadline of launching a website staring me in the face!  And although my to-do list is growing by the minute, I can't forget the importance of why we are here on earth, to help, support, serve, and love others.  I am committing to each of you that even though this week is crazy, I will work hard to look for at least one opportunity each day to help, serve, support and love at least one other person in need (not counting my family).  I have learned that if I choose to do this, I am blessed beyond measure and my frantic, chaotic schedule somehow runs more smoothly and I can accomplish more with my Heavenlyy Father's help because He blesses me when I do this.  I encourage each of you to do this in your own life!  I promise, you will see true blessings from this!!

XOXO, Lindsay

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