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Monday, September 5, 2011

our San Clemente trip thus far from Instagram...

Looking at San Clemente Pier

 I must say, it's a lot easier to embrace Arizona and try to forget all of the wonderful things we left behind in San Clemente when we are in Arizona.  It gets a bit tougher to do when staying in San Clemente, surrounded by beautiful beaches, sunsets, restataurants, weather, family and friends.  That's all I'm gonna say ;)

It's been fun to finally get back to being the official family photographer.  I used to take TONS of pictures, all day everyday.  As life got busier, I started slacking with my picture taking- but I'm back!  Here are just s afew pictures from my iPhone using Instagram...I'll share some more from my real camera when we get back tomorrow.

A shredded beef crunchy taco and chicken flauta to go with my Avila's soup at my favorite, El Ranchito!!  Yes, I DID eat all of it BY MY SELF!  I'm eating for 2, remember!?

LOVED the San CLemente Flea Market!

LOTS of baths for babies who are full of sand!!

Babies who have slept soundly every night because they are so exhausted from the days activities!

Yummy dinner at Bro and Sis in laws house full of YUMMY veggies from their garden!

loved visiting one of my favorite children's boutiques- it was actually the very first boutique we EVER started selling Banner Boutique products at!  Lots of fun new children's lines I found and will share with you when I get back- they always have the best stuff!

more fun and new lines at the boutique!

brother and sister playing in the sand together- simple, beautiful!!  love these days!

Princess sitting in her chariot trying to decide if she's ready to get dirty in the sand!

Breakfast at the beloved Bagel Shack!

wiaiting to order my breakfats bagel and acaci berry bowl...mmmmm, mmmmmm

Chloe grabbing some groceries to stock the beach house

Carson driving around the grocery store

Kaitlyn and Chloe ready for 10pm grocery shopping

The gift I received from Etsy that made me a little *bothered* right before I left to CA...more on this later!  Did any of you other Etsy sellers receive this??  If so, were you annoyed like me??

Chloe *getting in the way* as I tried to pack my bag

Chloe checking out the empty luandry bag
More to come!!  Enjoy your labor day!!  I hope it's filled with food, friends, fun and family!!


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