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Thursday, September 1, 2011


 Yesterday was the photo shoot I mentioned in my last post.  It was exactly what I anticipated, long, painful in some ways, chaotic, full of bribes and children, exciting, crazy, and exhausting all rolled into one!!  We always have at least 6-8 children on hand because you can count on at least 6-7 of them being in a bad mood at any given time- they're kids- they want to play- they don't really want to sit still and look at a camera- you can't blame them!  I feel so lucky to be surrounded by lots of friends and family who are always willing to offer up their muses to me to get these kinds of things done!

So after the shoot- the above picture represents what my entire house looked like after using it as a photography studio!  Pictures off the walls, props everywhere, stacks of clothing strewn about, snack galore covering the carpet- it was a sight to behold!  My sister helped me get at least the family room and kitchen area back in order (only took 2 hours), the the rest of the house, well...I am sitting here staring at it right now, trying to hold back the tears, literally!  My desire for order and control feels as if it is no where in sight!!  I kept praying some miracle would happen and I would walk back into my house at some point yesterday to find it all magically back in order...it didn't happen though! :(
 So friends, instead of sitting here, continuing to tell you my sob stories of what today's duties entail (ALL DAY CLEANING EXTRAVAGANZA), I'm going to refocus myself here in this post real quick in an effort to get me through this day that I am dreading!

Let's start with my little Clo Bell...sitting in what her brother and sister call her *dumbo* (instead of bumbo).  She is a handful- but she also is PURE joy!  She is head strong and stubborn- just like her mama, but she already knows how to be that with a smile on her face, allowing her to pretty much get away with everything!  She is all things baby lately, loves to snuggle, kiss and swaddle her babies all day long!  She also loves to do all kinds of naughty things, like unload certain drawers and draw on furniture with markers- her newest thing is to wave and tell you *Bu-bye* if she wants you to go away so she can do something naughty...sneaky girl!  LOVE her!

 Then there's my Carson boy!  He is my little learner right now- preparing for kindergarten next year as he goes to preschool!  He has a love hate relationship with anything school related- sometimes he loves it- sometimes he doesn't!  He is addicted to the iPad lately and is constantly asking me how to spell things so that he can shop and buy more iPad games- luckily I finally caught on to this trick and stopped telling him how to spell firetruck, police car and garbage truck!  He has finally rounded the corner from terrible two's, three's and four's and is actually my little snuggle boy instead of only being a daddy's boy!
 And my oldest, Kaitlyn!  She is the typical first child, she wants and usually can do anything and everything, she is creative, assertive, and wants to always grow up quicker then I am ready for!  This past weekend, after literally years of begging, she finally convinced me she was ready to get her ears pierced...even though I thought we were going to wait until she was 8!  I've realized I want to let my kids feel that they are in as much control of their own life as possible, within reason of course, and if they continue to make good decisions, I will continue to let them make decisions on their own- as much as possible!  She convinced me she was ready to be dedicated enough to washing and cleaning her ears three times a day as it would require- so we set out on Saturday- went to Lolli Locks (thanks to good friend recommendations) and there she sat, in the chair, brave as can be.  She was prepared for it to hurt pretty bad- but was strong and didn't shed one tear as they pierced the first, and then the second!  My little girl is growing up- and I am lucky she is mine!!
California 2008 Kaitlyn was 4, Carson was 2
And last but not least, another thing I'm going to focus on today that will help me get through this not so fun day...our trip to San Clemente!  We leave tomorrow to go back to what is pretty much home for us- we lived in San Clemente before we moved here to AZ about 2 and a half years ago.  It's hard sometimes to look back at pictures of us at the beach almost every day, enveloped in perfect weather year round, surrounded by almost every single member of our families on both my husband Mike's and my side, weekly (often times more than weekly) trips to Disneyland (truly the happiest pace on earth), and all that my home of southern CA has to offer!  At the same time though, both Mike and I have often talked about how we wouldn't change one thing!  We are meant to be here in Arizona!  There are so, so many wonderful blessings that have come from our move to Arizona!  Great friends, amazing opportunities...so much!!

So- in an effort to get my lengthy to do list done before we leave tomorrow...I better run!!  But stay tuned...I've got some fun news coming...later today- possibly tomorrow- we'll see how the day goes ;)

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