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Thursday, September 15, 2011

So much to do, so much to say!!!

 So, I am dying to share a lot of things here on this blog...dying I tell you!!  Like how I get to be a part this FABulous dinner group that allows my family to eat yummy meals every night instead of mac and cheese if it were all up to me on my own!  The above dish is creamy coconut chili chicken over rice...but today I have to help finish up all the website *stuff*!!  So next week friends, next week we will get back to some serious blogging where I can elaborate on all of these things I want to share!
Chloe's 1st Birthday Party Photography by http://www.sierrastudiosphotography.com/
 One of the fabulous ladies I do this dinner group with is my talented friend Malisa, the one who made me that yummy brown butter apple cake yesterday that I shared on facebook and the one who made this fabulous desert table a dream come true for Chloe's first birthday- yes, I don't mind having her cook for me every week- and Jen, my other friend who does dinner group with us- she's a darn good cook (and UBER talented lady) as well!! ...but again...more on all of this later!

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San Clemente Farmers Market Sep 2011

and another thing I really want to share- the rest of our adventures in San Clemente...like the beautiful farmers market and all the yummy things I found there... 
San Clemente Farmers Market Sep 2011

Marriott Ocean Point, Palm Beach FL

another thing on my mind...now that I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after this whole website craziness...my trip to Palm Beach Florida with my husband on Wednesday !  I can't decide if this is good or bad timing!  I'm thinking it's really good timing for me, Amy (BB operations manager) may not agree with me...? :) 

Palm Beach, FL

BB PhotoShoot Aug 2011 http://www.melissalynphotography.com/  DARLING Tutu by Brenna Leigh's Photos and Props

 I can't wait to share all of these gorgeous pictures I'm loading into the website...1 by 1 by 1...creating a website, I have now learned, is WAYYYYY more work then I thought!  But again...more on that later....

Via Pinterest
And another thing I'm itching to start sharing on the blog...Holiday ideas!!!  I am a LOVER of all things holiday!!! 

Via Pinterest

So...for now...back to finishing up the website and prepping for *Operation Luanch BB Website*

and don't forget..the SALE ends tonight
and the last day to enter the giveaway is TOMORROW!

Have a Happy Thursday!!

XOXO, Lindsay


Rebecca Harris said...

Just finished reading your blog and admire that your family is a priority, yet you find time for your bus. Thank You for sharing alittle about your life and all that you love. You have a beautiful family. I will be checking out all your hair pieces as my daughter loves doll'n up my grandbaby w/ these pretty accessories. Also, it was so delightful and special to see her on your grand opening page. Melissa is a great photographer and really captured her beautifully. She was one of the 5 babies (wearing the coral ruffle one piece) sitting on a blanket and the baby wearing the pink/ cream flower headband w/ white sweater w/ pearls / greenskirt. She , Adriana Autumn has brought great joy into our lives. I love adding these beautiful bows to her precious face, ty for sharing. Wish you great success w/ your bus. Hope you enjoy your trip to Fl as you truly do deserve it!!

Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

Hi Lindsay, what a gorgeous blog you have. I found you via facebook and I also blog so please pop over and say hi. Good Luck with the website launch, this is a lot of work so I can appreciate how much work you would have been doing to get to this point. Can't wait to see the rest of your blog and the website when its unveiled. Best of Luck
Fee xx

Lindsay Banner said...

Thank you SO much Rebecca and Fee!! Your words mean so much! This ride has been so fun!! So happy to be able to connect more with people here on the blog!! XOXO

Lindsay Banner said...

Thank you SO much Rebecca and Fee!! Your words mean so much! This ride has been so fun!! So happy to be able to connect more with people here on the blog!! XOXO