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Thursday, September 22, 2011

time to relax...

The Ritz Carlton, Biscayne

  After a crazy morning of rushing around, getting the kids all situated, typing out medical release forms and schedules for each child, talking with Amy about an excessive amount of *things* to keep Banner Boutique running smoothly (and hopefully avoid Amy feeling too overwhelmed), getting the house in order, running to a baby doctor appointment etc. etc. etc....I finally joined my husband (and brother and sister in law) and hopped on a plane to Florida.

After only being here for less then 24 hours so far- we can already tell
 we LOVE Miami!  We LOVE the diversity here, the Latin influence we see and feel everywhere, the fact that so many cultures are surrounding us, the waterways that wind through the city, the amazing restaurants, the one of a kind shops lining the street, the abundance of fresh flowers...even the humidity!!  And what I am MOST excited about for today...my appointment at the Spa...the Ritz Carlton Spa none the less!!

 As Mike and I have more and more children and as life gets more and more busy, it does get harder to escape and get away, just the two of us.  There are always lists of obstacles to overcome when trying to figure out how we will get away on our own...but it is so good when we do!  I even find myself worrying about things that I never used to worry about- like when we have to fly together, both of us, I do now worry about things like "what if the plane crashes" etc.  However, at the end of the day, I know everything will be alright, my kids are in good hands with my sister, and I need this time to be with my husband to talk about life in general, reconnect, make more plans for the future together, take inventory of where we are at in all aspects of life and just relax.

 so today...my sister in law and I are starting with the RELAX part of our vacation...my favorite part!

and I promise...this recipe from Malisa...it's coming! ;)  I even have a SUPER cute idea to display them and give them as Halloween treats I'll show you when I get home!

XOXO, Lindsay


Leidy Rodriguez said...

Welcome to Miami! I live here and it is indeed a beautiful city. Have a wonderful vacation!

Lindsay Banner said...

THank you Leidy!!! We loved it!!! XO