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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dinner Group

Recipe HERE

With all the many things that need to get done on a daily basis, dinner group has been a true help and saving grace for my family and I!  To give you the quick overview of how it works, I, along with 2 of my friends, each take a night of the week, Tues through Thursday, and we cook for all of our families.  Which means...I get yummy, home cooked meals to feed my whole family 3 nights a week and I only cook once!!

Here are the HUGE benefits, the way I see it:...

Recipes HERE (PS, this blog makes me drool!!) and HERE (um, and this one too- YUM!)
 1.) It's much easier to triple 1 dinner instead of coming up with a new dinner and making 3 dinners from scratch three times!

Recipe HERE
 2.) TIME...time is not plentiful for me, as I'm sure it is not for many of you! TO have dinner delivered to my house 2 times a week and all I do is place it on the table...heaven sent!!

Recipe HERE
 3.) Somehow dinner always tastes better when I don't have to cook it myself ;)

Recipe HERE
 4.) It saves money- it's cheaper to buy in bulk and make 1 huge dinner then 3 different, smaller dinners.

Recipes HERE and HERE
 5.) It's always more fun to go *all-out* when you know a LOT of people will benefit from your hard work! When I cook for my own family, they don't always get super excited- it's nice to have others get *excited* about the meal you have prepared for them!

Recipes HERE and HERE
 6.) It makes cooking so much more fun when you aren't doing it day in and day out.

Recipe HERE
7.) It makes it so much more fun to try new recipes...something I'm not always so fond of when I'm cooking day in and day out and pressed for time!

The recipes you see above are some of my favorites as well as a few I am getting ready to try!

A few things to consider when getting a dinner group of your own together...

1.) You want to make sure you match yourself up with similar sized families...it may not make sense to match a family of 4 up with a family of 8

2.) Make sure your tastes are similar...you've got to *trust* the other people's cooking- you must all be on the same page food wise.  For example- we try to make sure our dinners always have some sort of meat...we also don't do fish due to kids (and some spouses) not being huge fans.

3.) We use the Pyrex set of three dishes with lids and a carrying case to deliver each other's food in- this way it stays hot or cold and we have at least 3 dishes to fill for each meal- you can always add anything extra too ;)

Something to think about if you're a mom like who wants to feed her kids well every night...but is often short on time and creativity ;)



Oh Gorgeous Baby said...

This is such a fantastic idea Lindsay. I wonder if I can get any of my friends here in Australia to do this with me? Everything looks delicious and how cool that you only cook once but you feed your family 3 times.

Lindsay Banner said...

You should!!! It's such a great thing for our family!! Let me know if you do try it!! ;)

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