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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back in the saddle!

Where to begin!?  Over these past few months, my *free* time has become more and more sparse.  My 4th pregnancy proved to be my hardest and in my third trimester I stopped being able to pull enough time together to blog, something had to give.  My list of priorities, like many moms, is a mile long, and blogging had to be one of the many things I took a hiatus from.   I've still had the desire to get back to blogging.  I often think about it and have really wanted to figure out a way to do so.  I've also put it off because I feel like there are so many wonderful blogs out there in blog land already, is there really a reason that I too need to blog?

So, after missing my blog for these past few months and choosing sleep each night over blogging, I feel I'm ready to re-enter the blogging world, not so much for the readers, because like I said, there are MANY wonderful blogs already out there- but I decided I want to get back to blogging more for myself.  I love having a record of where I've been in life, what my family has been up to, what my business has been up to.  I miss connecting with my friends, family and Banner Boutique customers through this medium!  Having babies (and a business) sometimes forces us into a little bit of a cocoon at times, but I'm ready to come out!

Many people have asked, "so, how is having 4 kids?"  Well, in a nutshell- CRAZY!  I would say having 4 is really not much different then having 3, IF they're fairly calm children.  The part that makes having 4 crazy for me though is the fact that my 2 year old and 3 month old are less then 2 years apart and the fact that BOTH are very high maintenance.  Chloe (my 2 year old) is pushing me to my ultimate limit of patience one minute with her wild and destructive antics and then making my heart melt the next.  Kellan, my sweet, sweet boy, likes to be held...all.the.time.all.day.long.every.single.day.  One minute I'm sitting there thinking about the thousands of things that aren't getting done that need to get done as I'm rocking him and rocking him, the next minute I'm just purely soaking it all in knowing Kellan might very well be my last baby and I don't want to miss one minute of his babyness.  I'm sure this is a similar feeling for many moms.

I've learned A LOT over these past few months while *serving time* on bed rest, giving birth via c-section for the 4th time, acclimating to having a 7, 5, 1 and newborn aged children all at the same time, hosting Christmas at my house 2 weeks after giving birth, running an at home business and trying to stay somewhat level headed despite severe lack of sleep.  I'm starting to learn to be more patient with myself and forgive myself when I don't accomplish as much as I wanted to accomplish or as well as I wanted to accomplish it.  I've learned that it's impossible to give 150% to every single aspect of your life.  I've learned that you have to decide which parts/people/things in your life deserve your time and attention the most, which parts can wait, and which parts just really aren't that important.  I've learned that just because you don't have time for something right now doesn't mean you can't make time for it later in life.  I've learned that my young children are only young once and will only be in my home with me for just a few short years- I've learned that I want to make the most of those years, even if it means not having much time for other things right now, I've learned that although my children are towards the top of my priority list, my relationship with my husband and my God need to be even higher on the priority list then they are- this will benefit them.  I've learned that sometimes just merely surviving is a major accomplishment.

So, I have A LOT of things I can't wait to share on this blog- personal things, business things, life things!  I can't promise I can be a daily blogger, I hope to at least be a weekly blogger...we shall see.  I told myself I will blog as often as I possibly can, but not when it interferes with other priorities- I figure something is better then nothing though! ;)

So...let the blogging begin...again ;)



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