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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Classic Easter with Young Kids ;)

 I hope I'm not kidding myself, but I have big plans for Easter (and every other holiday) once I'm to the stage of life where I'm sleeping through the night!  And when I say BIG plans, I mean being prepared for the holiday and not feeling like I'm pulling everything together last minute.  I was actually fairly prepared this year.  I had 3 of the 4 kids outfits several weeks before Easter, had the items they needed for their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny and I even bought 2 dozen eggs 5 days before Easter- oh, and I pinned a lot of great ideas for Easter dinner.
 Fast forward to the reality of Easter weekend- both Mike and I were up most of the night with Kellan and Chloe, we then had a busy Saturday of soccer games and birthday parties.  By the time we got home from Costco and the grocery store with all the goodies we needed to make Easter dinner, I could barely see straight to put the kids Easter baskets together and make the jellybean bunny trail leading from their baskets to their bedroom doors.  Needless to say, this bunny was tired.
Sunday morning came around and as we rushed out the door to church, I stopped the kids real quick in front of the door to take these gorgeous pictures you see above- Carson with his signature "I hate taking pictures look", Chloe in a blur as she tries to run out of the picture and Kaitlyn barely being able to hold Kellan now that he's getting so big.  Even though these pictures are a far cry from perfect little kids all lined up in a row- I'm glad we at least have these!

 When we got home, we realxed for just a bit, then started to get things in order around the house since we were hosting Easter at our house.  Kaitlyn decorated the kids table while Chloe un-decorated it- her signature job!

 I had all kinds of fun desert ideas I wanted to try...we ended up making cupcakes from a box ;)
 and we tried these little doughnut cake tins- they didn't end up looking so much like doughnuts.
 Due to the late start of dinner...the egg hunt was in the almost dark...
 Chloe found Kaitlyn's stamps she got in her Easter basket- once before church so we had to wash her whole body bf we left, and then found the stamps again after church...as you can see all up and down her arms...
The night ended with these two cousins snuggling on the couch watching Phineas and Ferb...and that my friends is a classic Easter Sunday, Banner style!


Patty said...

Wow! Your story sounds very similar to mine. But, at least you got a picture of them before heading out to church. I missed the photo op of my girls in their Easter Sunday Church dresses.

Lindsay Banner said...

Haha Patty- that is usually me- that's why I was so happy to at least have what I have- at least it's something! There's always next year, right- OR, you could even put them in the same clothes next week and take a picture! ;) no one will ever know it wasn't Easter SUnday ;)