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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cutting our processing time in half!!?? Say Whaaaaat??

Wall of finished products organized by type, ready to ship
Although these instagram pictures are not so glamorous, they can at least give you a little bit of a peak into the organized chaos that is Banner Boutique. 

I don't know about you, but topics like efficiency make me giddy and excited inside!  I like to think about ways to make every aspect in life more efficient- I'm a big fan of not only working harder, but working smarter!
wall of materials to make each product
 I not only like to apply this philosophy to my personal life, but Banner Boutique as well.  As many of you sweet, loyal customers of ours are aware, our processing times were sometimes getting up into the 2 week time period before we were able to process and ship an order; this was because we would process each order in the order they were received.  This is great in that it means we are growing by leaps and bounds and means our products are desirable, but not so great if you are a customer that wants your stuff 2 days before you ordered it (which is the type of customer I am)!
a sampling of what the bins of finished products look like
 So...in an effort to close the gap between the time you place your order and the time it takes to process and ship your order, we are now making almost all of our items ahead of time so that 90% of the time, when an order is placed we can process and ship it within 1-5 days as opposed to 5-10 business days!!  This is BIG news for us...GREAT news for our fabulous customers!  We are also working towards having all our most popular items ready to ship so that if an order needs to ship fast, we can most likely accommodate you!!  Soooo exciting!
a sampling of finished products ready to ship
So...always let us know ahead of time if you need an item by a certain date that is right around the corner...but from here forward, we will most likely be able to accommodate you...I'm seriously giddy inside!!  ***A BIG thank you to all the wonderful women that make up the Banner Boutique team- I am truly grateful for them!!  They make things like this possible!

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I placed an order Monday the 9th and received it by Wednesday the 11th!..I was sooo excited to get my beautiful headbands so quick :) You girls are doing a great job!