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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One of the ways our family saves thousands when traveling!

Photo from Marriott's Website
 I don't know about you, but summer planning is in full force over here at the Banner house.  Living in AZ and away from all of our family in Southern CA and Idaho presents many opportunities to travel to some of our favorite states and visit family, not to mention our desire to escape the heat here in the AZ!
Photo From Marriott's website
 One of the many reasons I love my husband is because he is a deal finder!  Here is a perfect example: for years, we have been enjoying the Marriott Newport Villas via Mike's Mom and Dad who have a timeshare there as well as multiple times when we have stayed there with our own little family as well.
Photos from Marriott's Website
 The first time we ever stayed there, we attended the informational seminar where they try to sell you the timeshare package.  Although we could see the value in it, we just weren't sold on the fact that you had to pay an on-going annual homeowners fee even after you paid off your timeshare.  This is the only reason we chose not to buy.  When we got home, Mike did a little research and found a website called RedWeek.com, a website devoted to helping you find and buy weeks of other people's timeshares often for a fraction of what the actual timeshare costs.  Ever since Mike has found this website, we have been buying week's off of other people at the Newport Villas for as little as $1200 for the week, a HUGE savings!!  You can also buy timeshares off of people ALL OVER the world!
December 2008
 At this stage of life, the Villas have been the perfect place to stay.  The rooms are beautifully appointed with down comforters, gorgeous blackout curtains, 2 bedrooms, 2 pull out couches that sleep 4 people in addition to the king and queen beds, 2 full bathrooms, a full kitchen, dining room and family room as well.  The grounds are gorgeous and manicured to a T with a putting green, basketball courts, multiple large pools, outside grill cafe, huge fire pit with Adirondack chairs, a little market to buy things for smores etc, and the location couldn't be better!
Dec 2008
 The Villas are close to Fashion Island, South Coast Plaza, fabulous beach locations...you name it!
June 2010
 There are beautiful pathways all throughout the huge property,
June 2010
 It really is a dream come true for a young family!
June 2010
 It's been so fun to look through all our old pictures from years past...look how little Chloe is in the picture above!
June 2010
 Since cousins from all different parts of our family live all throughout Southern CA, we have new bits and pieces of our family visit us every day while we stay there- heaven for us!
Dec 2010
 And the views, cannot be beat!
Dec 2010

Dec 2010
This was one year where we actually stayed there during Christmas- you can see our impromptu Christmas tree ;)

Hope you all get to plan a few fun things for the summer, whether it involves travel or not...and if it does involve travel...be sure to check out RedWeek.com!


Cherry Blossoms said...

What great family photos! Thanks for this travel tip
PS: I spotted clips that are very, very similar to what you are making (vintage lace clips) being sold on another local (gilbert) etsy site. She (you might know her) is always complaining about people "taking her ideas" and then I see this. Never buying from her again.

Lindsay Banner said...

Thank you Heidi for your comments!! Do you mind telling me which site you saw this on? I'm sure I won't be saying anything...it's just kinda nice to know what eyes are looking at us ;) Thank you so much for your loyalty, I really appreciate customers like you!

Brandi said...

Just found your blog, love it!!! I'm so going to check out this website! FUN!! With have 3 kids, so family vacays are pretty pricey!! Thanks for the tip! Oh, making your little fruit pizzas this evening! YUM!