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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pottery Barn Kids and The TomKat Studio...we're a little giddy!

 A couple months ago, Kim, from The TomKat Studio, who we've had the opportunity to collaborate before on a lot of projects, asked me if I would create some headbands and clips for her latest project with Pottery Barn kids. 
Kim and her team flew out to San Francisco to shoot the entire "Grow With Me" themed children's birthday party; a party idea combined with Kim's printable templates that they wanted to offer to their customers on their website!
 I love when Kim asks me to do these types of things...who wouldn't want to see their work featured on a website like Pottery Barn Kids!!?? ;)  With projects like this, you never know what, if anything, will actually make it into the photo shoot, let alone the pictures.  It's all up to the stylists and whether or not they even want to use your items if they feel they are a good fit for the shoot.  I was so giddy when Kim sent me a sneak peek a few weeks ago and showed me that some of the products were actually in the photos!!  How fun!!

 Because Kim and I operate on a "do it the night before she flys out to San Francisco" type of time frame, I only was able to snap a couple pictures with my iPhone of the products I sent with her before I sent them out the door...
 You can "kind of" see this darling green rosette clip I made for Kim to attach to her cardigan in the video she shot HERE...that's OK, it still makes me giddy inside to see our creations on Pottery Barn's website!! ;)
 You can also "kind of" see these cute striped bow headbands I made for the girls in the video and pictures as well ;)  The very first picture of the girl at the top is wearing our large shabby chiffon rosette in white on Velcro combined with our Navy Blue lace rosette on Velcro as well- attached to a thin metal headband with Velcro base.
Be sure to check out Kim's blog for more gorgeous photos and the link to the DARLING printables and party inspiration on Pottery Barn Kids!!


Lindsay said...

This is amazing Lindsay!!! I am so inspired by your creativity and ability to do it all! Motherhood AND being a successful business woman! You go girl!

Melissa said...

Lindsay, this is so exciting! Yay for you!

Lindsay Banner said...

thank you so much ladies!! <3