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Sunday, April 1, 2012



This weekend has been exactly what what I needed!  It's been even better then what I expected! 

Because I have a baby (who shall remain nameless) who is my most fussy baby and literally needs to be held 90% of every day, it has been extremely challenging to get much done during the week while Mike is at work.  I hate to say it, as I know this challenge pales in comparison to many other's challenges and trials in life, but this has been one of my most challenging times in life thus far.  Although I myself have not lived a charmed life and have struggled through a variety of challenges earlier on in life as well, the challenge of having a very lengthy to-do list each and every day, and then not being able to hardly check any of those *to-do's* off of my list, has been mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting.  I have learned a lot about patience, priorities, and come to a new understanding of what real trials are.  Having a fussy baby, although challenging, is not the worst thing that can *happen* to one in life.  I am doing my best to re-prioritize my life and learning to be more flexible and easy going as I accept that some days I am able to accomplish a lot (if someone is around to hold said baby), and sometimes I am just meant to sit on the couch and snuggle this baby as the 2 year old wreaks havoc on the house. 

Because of my current situation in life, when asked by my husband earlier this week, "What do you want to do this weekend," I responded with, "I just need a weekend where you are 100% in charge of the kids so that I can get our house and life back on track."  Because I am lucky enough to have a sweet husband who cares about me and my mental well being, he happily agreed.

I have enjoyed this weekend full of cleaning, sorting. laundering, folding, organizing, tossing, donating, listing, decorating, and most of all...I have enjoyed conference.

For those of you not of my same faith (LDS), conference is held two times a year.  It is a broadcast from Salt Lake City, UT where our presiding Prophet and leaders of our church address us regarding important, uplifting, encouraging and important topics.

In the past on this blog, I have struggled with what to share regarding my faith and what not to share.  I usually leave it pretty neutral and talk about regular, run of the mill things; business, family, etc.  I've decided though, because my business is a very personal business, run from the confines of my own home and not a corporation, and because the point of this blog is to allow you to get to know me and vice versa, I decided talking about my faith in the LDS church is an OK thing to do.  Please know that I do not share things regarding my faith in anyway as to suggest that my church is the only church that should be respected and attended.  Quite the opposite.  I support every persons desire and right to worship and practice however they choose.

My desire to share my thoughts regarding this weekends conference are because I had MANY, what Oprah might call, "Ah-Ha" moments.  First and foremost, I realized that I believe, whole heartedly, without a shadow of a doubt that there is life after death, that our purpose on this earth is to be tried and tested (while also having joy) and we will be rewarded according to our actions here on this earth in heaven.  I am immensely grateful for belonging to a church where the answers to "Who am I," "Why am I here," and "Where am I going," are answered and there is NO question as to what our purpose is here on this Earth.

We all have moments in life where these questions come into our mind.  Some of these moments are brief, and somewhat short.  Other times maybe these questions are called to mind when we or a close family member are diagnosed with a serious, life threatening illness.  Whatever the cause for these questions to enter our mind may be, I am truly grateful for the peace that comes from having the solid answers to these questions and having those answers and their validity reaffirmed to me over and over again.

This life can be challenging!  I feel like I have a pretty darn good life; great husband, wonderful healthy children, loving family, sweet and thoughtful friends, a roof over my head etc.  Even I feel that this life can be very challenging though.  What peace it brings me to have a modern day prophet who leads and guides me and reminds me why it is so important to keep my priorities in order, endure faithfully and happily through life's challenges, serve my fellow brothers and sisters (I believe we are all brothers and sisters), not judge others-no matter what, and live a moral and good life!

I have been "re-fueled" this weekend, in every way!!  I am grateful!  As mother's and wives, women in general, we often need to take some time to slow down and re-group/re-focus ourselves so that we can be an even more effective mother, wife, or servant to those around us!

I hope those of you who need some re-fueling of your own can somehow find a way to make it happen!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)


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