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Monday, April 30, 2012

Renewed and Refreshed!!

Because I'm done nursing, and because my hubby has to travel a little more then he used to and be away from home working long hours at times, and because I have 4 very young, busy children, and because I have not once slept through the night since Kellan has been born, and because I have a busy business with lots of demands...I could go on, you get the idea...because of all of this, my sweet husband suggested I take the weekend off and get a hotel...all.by.my.self.  Can I get a Hallelujah!!??

You too (yes, you reading this), probably could use a weekend away, by yourself too?  As moms, I'm pretty sure most of us forget the importance of getting away from it all from time to time?  We feel guilty leaving the children, leaving our husbands, leaving our endless, ENDless to do lists behind?  But I am here to remind you (and myself) about how important it is to get away and get some perspective from time to time.  It's no secret that as moms, we get burnt out, we get tired, we get exhausted.

This weekend was glorious!  It started with me picking up some dinner, curb side, taking it back to my hotel room, eating it in bed while looking at Pinterest on the iPad and watching whatever I wanted on TV and then crashing by 9 pm- heaven on earth!  I woke up at 5:30, because like many of you, my body won't let me sleep past 6, then I took a nice warm bath, planned out some goals/various things I've been working on in life, worked on some *business plans* (which I'm sooo excited to share with you in the months ahead), then I grabbed some breakfast at the hotel and headed to Massage Envy for my massage appointment- another slice of heaven!!  *Did I ever tell you my sweet husband whom I mentioned earlier got me a membership to Massage Envy- best gift he has ever given me!

After my massage, I did some shopping- where I found all kinds of wonderful goodies and browsed the aisles slowly, a luxury only afforded when without kids...then grabbed a sanwhich at one of my favorite sandwhich places, Jimmy Johns, I then headed over to the temple, received some amazing spiritual guidance/insight, was reminded of all that I am grateful for and all that I want to become, then headed back to the hotel, read for a bit, planned a little more, then ran and grabbed more curb side dining and met Mike back at the hotel so he could take a nap bc he was completely exhausted while watching the kids all weekend.  Funny story- I texted him earlier in the day Saturday morning and told him I was going to try and get a babysitter for him that night so we could go out- he texted back and said "if I were you I would stay one more night at the hotel, it's madness around here!  All 4 kids are crying!"  I responded back and said, "just because I'm getting a babysitter tonight doesn't mean I plan on coming home early." ;)  Is it kind of evil that I found a bit of joy in the fact that he was tired and overwhelmed...???  What mother doesn't want to feel like her husband is literally walking in her shoes!?  It was awesome!!

Anyway, Mike and I had a great, quite, peaceful night- he literally fell asleep...then I woke him up at 9:15 so he could head home and send the babysitter home!  I had a second glorious night of uninterrupted sleep!!

I am SOOO grateful for my husband who sent me away this weekend!  I hope each of you have a husband or somebody in your life who can do this for you- and don't feel guilty for one minute!  It's good for you, for the kids, for your husband- it's always nice when we can walk in each other's shoes a little bit, I really think it helps our husbands to gain a little more perspective...and the peace and clarity that comes from having some quiet time...priceless!!

*Stay tuned, I'm gonna show you some of the goodies I picked up while I was shopping...you might want to grab some too- I found *LOTS* of great deals!

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