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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

 Wow!  I know I start off a lot of blog posts with that word, but wow!  I have been blown away with the response from yesterday's post.  MANY emails, phone calls, facebook messages about yesterday's post of people wanting to know more, asking specific questions, thinking they too might benefit from a little coaching from our (or another out of state) relationship coach!  I am so, so happy to have received such positive feedback from sooo many of you!  Thank you!  Please know that I am working on answering all of your questions and I will compile them all into one post hopefully by the beginning of next week.  One of the biggest questions I have been asked is: "Did you feel the money was worth it just to get some "coaching" about basic "couples communication" issues that we all have?" -and my answer to that is a emphatic YES!  I know we could have taken the less expensive route and read a bunch of books about communication etc. etc.- but Mike and I don't have the luxury of time on our hands at this stage in life- we needed some quick advice to apply immediately and get back to enjoying each other and enjoying our marriage even during these sleepless days of rearing young children!  Yes, I whole heartily support everyone investing in their marriage- it's like going to the spa, but for your marriage- it was wonderful!  Mike and I bask in the joy it has brought each of us on a daily basis now- when we have disagreements, it's actually an enjoyable process now where we work through it together, often making us even closer then before the disagreement- weird, I know, but true!
 Anyway...speaking of spa, and moving on to today's post...I am going to continue in the "reflect-back-and-help-you-plan-for-summer" posts!  Today's post is all about the Ojai Valley Inn...possibly the absolute best, hands down hotel and spa I have every dwelled in- serious.
 Mike and I had the pleasure of enjoying this gorgeous property when he worked for Pulte Homes.  It was one of his rewards for doing something good- I can't remember- all I do remember is how gorgeous it was, how spectacular the spa was and how happy I was that I got to go along on this trip with him!
 Ojai is located north of LA- which lends itself to LOTS of celebrities escaping to this resort for much needed R & R.  Ojai is a very small little town- quaint...which is why the celebs like it I'm assuming- one of the things I love about this resort- they don't even talk about the fact that they host thousands of celebrities every year there- they are so classy, so well trained, NONE of the staff ever even talk about a famous person.  That's why I'm sure the people of the famous sort like it here- because it's very quaint and quiet- far removed from all the hustle and bustle that is LA.
 What I loved about this resort...?  What Didn't I love??!  Every single detail was top notch.  The service...ahhhhhhmazing!  So polite, so proper was every single employee on the property.  The property is so large and expansive with groupings of bungalows and hotel rooms spread across acres upon acres of gorgeous greenery- they have little shuttles that come and pick you up wherever you are so you don't have to walk if you don't want to.
 The rooms are appointed with every single thing you would want or need-pillowy down comforters, plenty of pillows, simple classic decor,
 even a little love seat to sit and enjoy a few magazines...
 Every room overlooks the gorgeous golf course
 the white of the stucco on each bungalow against the lush green grass...breathtaking!!


 Whenever we check into a hotel and it has a balcony, Mike always does this, right here.  He stands on the balcony and gazes out and takes in whatever scenery he sees- I think it's so cute!  :)

 Pulte even surprised us with a his and hers gift basket waiting in our room!

 The trees on this property- amazing too!!
 this is one of those little shuttle stops :)
 One of the many restaurants on the property...delish!

 Mike showing me his golf moves ;)
 the pool area- complete with plush Egyptian Cotton towels at every corner- I'm a sucker for details!

Their gift shopped even gift wrapped this tiny little trinket I bought for Kaitlyn and I didn't even ask them to...

  The views from every room were like you were living in tree houses in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by miles and miles of gorgeousness!!
 My sweet friend Julie who's husband also worked for Pulte and got to come on the trip too!

  Above, the spaaaaaaaaa. A moment of silence for this, the best spa I have ever been to. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a spa connoisseur. The spa experience is something that I thoroughly enjoy in life, as often as possible. Not often enough, but as much as I can. Because I have a husband who likes to golf, I have become a wife who loves to "spa." I'll admit, I'd be a spa junky whether or not my hubs golfed. This spa was amazing. Relaxing, serene, the masseuses knew what they were doing.
  On our way home I made Mike stop at on of my favorite LA cupcake shops!!

And that my friends was the perfect ending to a perfect trip with my husband!  I definitely think you should consider it if you are looking for an amazing vacation for just you and your spouse- the best one I've ever had- and the location is wonderful if you live on the west coast!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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