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Thursday, May 3, 2012

LAST Day for this week's {Feature Friday}!

 As many of you know, we do something called {Feature Friday} where every Friday we have at least one of our items highlighted/featured and offered for a discounted price for that week.  If you aren't already signed up to receive our Newsletters, be sure that you do sign up, otherwise you could be missing out on some great opportunities to SAVE big!  To sign up, simply visit our website and enter your email address in the box down in the bottom right hand corner! This week's {Feature Friday} info can be found HERE in case you missed it!
 Since we are only able to post 3 pictures per product listing on our website, I often have LOTS of pictures of each product that never get to be seen!  I thought today I would share a few more *never-before-seen* pictures of the items that are on SALE in this week's {Feature Friday} sale that ends tonight!  These pictures show our Color Collection Flowers with the beaded centers as well as the fashion rhinestone centers- both on SALE for almost 40% off:

 Here is the Coral Hot Pink shown clipped to a sun hat

 And for those of you that have been asking- here is a picture of the yellow petti romper...the color looks a little less vibrant in this picture then it actually is due to the editing, I just haven't had a chance to list this picture in the shop yet ;)
 And these pictures show one of my very favorite lace rosettes that we are almost out of.  You can find the link to this flower HERE

 And this headband shown above, a picture of our VERY popular but never pictured until now, the Triple White Dainty Flower headband in off-white- another picture I haven't had a chance to list in the shop...you can find this listing HERE
 This picture shows our Taylor in deep teal...thought it would be fun to show you what the Taylor looks like in a color other then yellow which is how it's pictured on the website ;)
 And here (above) is another picture of our Color Collection which is on sale through tonight as a clip instead of a headband...it adds just the right touch to senior portraits, messy buns, clipped to a cardigan etc.
Thank you to www.MelissaLynPhotography.com for all the gorgeous photos!  I hope to share more of the *never-before-shared* photos of all our products- there are lots!! ;)

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