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Friday, May 25, 2012

R & R, La Quinta Style

 Good morning!  I'm having technical difficulties with my phone not wanting to email my instagram photos to me...so I'm going to have to settle for these photos from the website, but up above this lady looks like she's doing exactly what I've been doing this morning, resting and relaxing in my cute little casita...something that happens way less often then I'd like it to at this stage in life.  My mom (and Jeni) are home with the kids and Mike and I are getting some much needed time to rest and relax.  I've been thinking a lot about this post I read a few days ago and how we as moms need to strive harder to get the sleep our bodies so desperately need.  I do think as moms we give up too easily on trying to get ourselves more rested and ready to take on the challenges ahead...I know that my brain chemistry does indeed suffer when I don't get adequate rest/sleep.  I'm a "not so pleasant" mommy/wife when I'm overly tired and it's just bad all around.  I hope this trip can help me get back on track a bit with my lack of sleep lately and prepare me for the summer ahead with all 4 kids home needing to be entertained every day!
 Today's agenda involves the spa and laying by the pool.  Perfect.  This lady in the photo below looks like she's really enjoying herself...I'm thinking I will be too!

Have a wonderful memorial day weekend everyone!!

Oh, and I just learned how to do the hash tag thing on instagram...follow us under the user name "bannerboutique" using the hash tag #laquintababy...this whole instagram thing kinda fun now that I actually know what I'm doing :)

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