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Friday, May 18, 2012

Recovery- Post Photoshoot

 We generally end up doing 3-4 BIG photo shoots a year.  Although we LOVE getting lots of fabulous pictures from our amazing photographers all over the globe, we also end up doing several shoots our self- this way we can knock out several hundred new product shots and style them exactly as we want to style them.  Yesterday's shoot was a collaboration with some of our favorite gals over at the TomKat Studio.  Kim needed to get her new 4th of July and Strawberry Party collections photographed and I had several hundred new products needing to be photographed.  It was CRAZY chaos with the a large part of the Banner Boutique team as well as the entire TomKat team as well as about 10 models with their parents- about 30 people were running around like crazy people for about 8 hours at Kim's house...needless to say, the week leading up to yesterday was a tad exhausting.  I am incredibly grateful to Jeni- my right hand girl who was by my side this whole week helping to care for my kids, feeding me breakfast lunch and dinner, helping to keep my house on track etc. etc.  She also accompanied me at the shoot and helped along with all the wonderful parents to corral children and attempt to keep everyone happy!  I am so appreciative to every single person that works with me- they are the best- Kim's team is pretty awesome as well- these wonderfully talented ladies are what allows us to have these at home businesses while still keeping some sort of balance and sanity at the same time!
 Since I didn't get home until about 10 pm last night, I needed to unload my trunk so I could drive 6 kids to carpool this morning.  Luckily my kids were in a helping mood so Kaitlyn laid with Kellan on some pillows in the trunk while Carson, Chloe and I unloaded the car.  Once the car was unloaded, Kaitlyn was at school and Carson was at a play date, Chloe, Kellan and I headed to Target.

I of course forgot my baby carrier and Kellan was having no part of staying in his baby carrier, so I "borrowed" a baby carrier from the baby aisle hoping to put it nicely back in it's box before we left Target.  Unfortunately, Chloe was sitting in the cart, stepped on a box of chicken broth therefore spilling it on the box that the carrier went in- needless to say, I ended up purchasing my 3rd baby carrier.  Awesome.
 It always seems that when I have a photo shoot, the days are particularly crazy and I don't get to do much cooking or hanging with my kids as much as I usually get to- the photo shoots are one part of this business that I can't turn over to somebody else- so on the days following a photo shoot I seem to crave time with my kids, my family, my friends.  So...since I had a friend who had just moved into her new house on the day of the photo shoot and I didn't get to go help her yet, I decided I needed to try out my new goodies from Kim's new shop and make her dinner!
 Kim just launched her fabulous new online party supply store- it's filled with goodies like this- before I left her house last night she loaded me up with a variety of supplies to try out...a little slice of heaven...
 I decided it would be perfect to use some of them to prepare Melissa's dinner in so that she didn't have to worry about returning any dishes to me- and bonus, it made the dinner so much cuter!- everything was disposable thanks to Kim except the tray I delivered everything on- I bought the tray at Target and used that as her housewarming gift and just tied a bow to it!
   Below is what we ended up with:
 I LOVED baking the cupcakes in these sturdy cupcake cups- this recipe is actually for an 8X10 pan cake but because these liners are sturdy I was able to cook the cake in these cups and then people can eat them with a fork because there is gooey carmel-y goodness in the middle that wouldn't hold up to regular cupcake liners- brilliant!
 I also had fun cooking individual chicken pot pies in the disposable white paper cups and I skewered the fruit onto the paper straws to make it a little more festive looking!!  I made the same dinner for my family- it's so funny how excited the kids get when you make individual portions of anything and bake cupcakes in fun liners and skewer fruit on festive straws- these are the things that kids get excited about!
I will be back soon to share recipes!  Until then- have a wonderful weekend!!


The Banner Family said...

Cute Lindz!

Lindsay Banner said...

Thanks sis! :)

Leticia said...

LOVE this! Where did you find the disposable baking cups, for the pot pies,and blue berry cartons? DO YOU have the recipe for the pot pies? THANKS!!!!