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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

San Clemente, part 4- Where Mike and I Fist Met

 So it's taken me awhile to get all these pictures posted, I know, but oh how fun it is to look back on pictures of your kids and re-live summer fun!!  This is helping me get even more excited about the summer months ahead!
 You can see the previous pictures from this trip in the post before this.  A little background on this beach...the name of this beach is Crescent Bay.  Almost 11 years ago I layed eyes on my now husband for the first time, Mike.  I was living in Orange County, working in LA.  Mike was selling Pest Control in El Paso.  I was at this beach with some of his friends when he came home for the weekend to visit.  To make a long story short, he moved home, we started "hanging out," then eventually dating.  Being in various parts of southern CA bring back so many fun memories!!  Orange County is such a nostalgic place for me- I spent many years there during many important years...OK, back to the subject...Crescent Bay is a little hidden gem, although it's becoming not so hidden as more and more people find out about this place.
 We went there on an early Saturday morning, it was rainy and cold, but that didn't stop our kids from having fun!  Above from left to right, our friends two kids, then my Kaitlyn and Carson on the right.
 I can't believe that this girl is growing up so fast!

 and this girl too!

 I adore the beach...it brings such a feeling of peace, relaxation, fun...
 above, my Kaitlyn *frolicking* in the ocean!  This is what life is all about!
 I also love this beach because it has nice restrooms and showers to rinse off in before trekking up the hill!!
 this is possibly the only draw back of this beach- it's a bit of a hike in and out- not too bad though- and totally worth the scenery!

 this is the view from the top before heading down the hill...
 I often wonder who owns these gorgeous houses all around...

 Tomorrow I'll share a couple of my favorite spots to eat/shop!
until then...enjoy your Tuesday!!

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