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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

  I like to deem a whole weekend as "Mother's Day Weekend"...one day just isn't enough!  We deserve to be celebrated for at least a weekend- right?  My Mother's Day weekend started off with me making a rice cake cake for Mike's boss.  Mike's boss is a very "fit" guy, he likes rice cakes, thus a rice cake.  Mike said his boss really appreciated it- so much so that he sent the whole office home early- mission accomplished! ;)
 Friday afternoon I thoroughly enjoyed my Mother's Day Tea at Carson's kinder-prep class.  He even sang along to the songs.  He's not a singer.  It melted my heart.  Why do I get soooo emotional at any and every performance that involves my kids- even something as simple as a Mother's Day Tea.  I feel like I am constantly thinking to myself, "remember this, remember this" because I know just how fast they are going to be grown and gone out of my house raising kids of their own- I try not to look forward too much, I just want to soak in every single bit of their sweet innocence before we arrive at the "older years."  In Carson's interview about me he said "My mom weighs 100 pounds and she the thing she says most to me: I love you."  I'll take it!
 Here is my no smile boy with his two wonderful teachers-thank you iPhone for stepping in when I forget my real camera!
 Saturday morning I whipped up this darling number for a sweet girl going to prom...thinking we need to list several versions of it in the shop...?
 Saturday morning we had a lazy morning (my favorite) while Dad was on the golf course with his brother and friend.  Once again, I sat there just wanting to soak in all the sweetness of my sweethearts...I grabbed my camera and snapped pictures of them- I want to remember their messy bed head hair, their squishy morning faces, their crooked little people teeth, their gorgeous soft, smooth youthful skin...

 One of Clo's favorite things is to grab my phone and take thousands of pictures on it...she thinks its a game to take as many pictures as she can bf I realize what she's doing and snatch it back..

 Saturday morning my sister and her family drove into town and we took off to the spa for a Mother's Day treat!  LOVE this spa!!
 they have the most delicious smoothies and food too!

 Here's another sandwich I need to try and replicate- it was a pulled pork sandwich again but had pineapple on it- DELISH!
 Sunday my sister and I made dinner why the dads watched the kids...have you been to Target lately?  DO NOT GO if you want to stay on any sort of budget- they have DARLING things in every single department right now...such as these cute kitchen towels and plastic wear...
 I made this YUMMY dip...I'll share the recipe later- it's from one of my favorite cooking friends Ashely- she's one of the best cooks I've met- I'm thinking she needs to do some guest posting on here and share her fabulous recipes!
 And this morning my sweet boy who is starting kindergarten had "shadow a kindergartner" day today- Why is it that I am having a harder time letting go of him then Kaitlyn- Kaitlyn was so ready to start school- but this boy, he could just lay on the floor all day, lining up his cars and trucks and play...he's not so enthusiastic about going to school and I'm more hesitant to let this one go...bittersweet for sure!

and that was the weekend folks!  We are all sorts of chaos around here as we prepare for a big photo shoot on Thursday...more on that later!  Have a fabulous Tuesday!! XO

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Btrflywmn said...

Cute kiddos, my little cupcake (3 yrs old)takes my phone and does that too. Target is a great store, I have to drive 2 hours to get to one thought, that's probably a good thing :) Love a good dip, can't wait for the recipe.