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Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Snippets

 We are still playing catch up around here after being in San Diego for 10 days.  I miss blogging!  It was so great to have over a week straight of just me and my kids and my CA family!  It was wonderful to focus on them and their little personalities.  My husband's job requires long hours right now so it was good to escape to San Diego and take some time to enjoy our family out there as well as the fabulous weather and all the many things San Diego has to offer...here are a few snippets of the first couple days of our vacation...more to come in photo dump style soon...
 on the drive over Clo decided to dump a bottle of water on her head...no reason..just because- good ol Clo!
 the beautiful sunset on our drive out there...
 the kids love grandmas backyard full of cool weather, grass and a giant magnolia tree
 I'm always amazed how things just grow so abundantly out there!
 we couldn't resist our favorite little REAL doughnut shop!
  Clo making good use of EVERY toy at her cousins house
 enjoying doughnuts with cousins!
 I even snuck in a few model home tours...I love to get decorating ideas and snap pictures with my iPhone to remember them!

 We even braved Costco with all 7 kids!  I can't believe my sister and I have 7 kids between the two of us now!

 Clo stickin her feet in the Spa to warm up...bc it's not quite as hot out there as it is here in AZ!
 Bubble mustaches!
 My pretty girl Kaitlyn!
 the 2 two year olds working on potty training and offering each other support
the 2 two year olds eating ice cream in their jammies!

More photos to come as soon as I get a chance to upload more! :)

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Brandi said...

Love the home pics and the potty pic, too funny!!!!!!!